Greetings from Denver!

You are probably wondering why Mr. B and I are in the city this weekend and not up in the mountains so let me fill you in. Mr. B is sick. Allergies are starting to wreak havoc due to the onset of spring. Poor guy is drowning in snot and feels achey all over. In an effort to keep everyone from getting sick, we decided the best thing was to stay home and rest.

After a restful slumber, we awoke this morning and decided that we should walk to get breakfast at Monas.

The sun was a shining!

The walk to Monas only takes about 5 minutes from our loft. It felt good to get the blood pumping. Monas is probably one of my favorite places to eat for breakfast or lunch in Denver.  Everything they serve is organic and super yummy! 

Since Mr. B and I both gave up red meat for lent we sadly could not par take in the corned beef:( But we managed to satisfy our hunger with a breakfast burrito and a mexican omelet. Delish.

Next up, REI. 
REI is dangerously conveniently located right around the corner from Monas. 
For my birthday, Mr. B had promised me new set of skies so I was eager to see if they had the K2 Missbehaveds. Sadly, they didn’t.  But it was  fun to walk around and stare at all the “roadies” in their spandex and wonder how the hell they even fit into those tiny shorts.
This afternoon is going to be busy. Lot’s of errands to run and things to organize. During ski season I put everything on hold so being home this weekend makes we want to spring clean! 
I may just say the hell to everything and go drinking for St. Patty’s day. Decisions are the worst!