No green beer for me:(

I decided that I needed to get stuff done today so I sadly put away my “Kiss me I’m a Wildcat” t-shirt. No worries. Hopefully this Thursday it will come in more handy.

As Mr. B rested, I decided to run errands and tidy up our apartment. Target, Container store, Gap, and Whole Foods were the places on my list.  Surprisingly it didn’t take me long to wrap everything up. Love when that happens.

I arrived home and immediately got to work on dinner.

Tonight’s menu….

Yes, it’s a random combination for dinner but I needed to use up some ingredients in the fridge. 
I love cooking one pot meals especially when I am a trying to cure my ill husband.
I definitely recommend trying the tortilla soup. It was warm and hearty. I think Mr. B is feeling better all ready. 
Off to watch Mad Men and cuddle on the couch. 
Good night!