Ahhh….it feels good to be back in D-town. No plans. No obligations. Just being.

This week seemed to creep by so when Friday rolled around I was ready to unwind and let loose.  Our good friend Megan, who was a Classy Cat back at K-State and who also danced for the Denver Nuggets for a bit, formed a group called Rockstarz here in Denver.  They are a non-profit dance organization that performs around town to raise money for charities.

We met Max, Listy, Drew and Tina at the show. Both sets of parents got a babysitter for the night so we enjoyed drinks, the show and each others company.

The show was held at Lannie’s Clock Tower Cabaret. This venue is literally right down the street from us and we have never been. I guess burlesque show aren’t high on our list.

We were excited to see the group and her perform. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of the show. The lighting was really bad for the ol’ camera, but the show was ah-mazing! Congrats Megan!

After the show we grabbed a drink with the group but then called it quits. We were exhausted! Getting old sucks people:(

This morning we met up we met up with Nick, AC, Listy and Chance at Mona’s for breakfast.

I love this place. Not only is everything organic and fresh, but it’s right down the street from our place. I got the usual an omelet with pepper jack cheese, avocado and ham. Delish.  Mr. B had the corned beef hash (best in Denver!).
After breakfast Mr. B and I headed back to our place and worked. Well, I didn’t work-work per se like Mr. B did, I just shuffled stuff around. My goal for this year was to get rid of all of our useless crap. Living in a 1000 square foot apartment where everything is exposed makes you want to live simple, which is good and bad. Good if you live in Antarctica and can’t do a damn thing but bad if you live in Colorado where the choices of entertainment are endless.
Today I…
     – Reorganized all of our paperwork in the office
     – Ordered a new dresser because our old dresser from IKEA just died
     – Donated clothes to the Good Will
     – Sorted through my jewelry
     – Threw away 18,000 food magazines
It felt good to cleanse! 
Our apartment cleaning was short lived because the weather was beautiful and we also needed to get a run in for the day so we headed to Wash Park. 
This past week my runs have been HORRIBLE. I couldn’t breathe, my legs hurt and I was just tired. I finally ended up having a great run with Mr. B. Sa-weet!
After our quick little run we met up with Listy in the park. She was there for a friend’s birthday party barbecue and of course, I am not going to miss a chance to squeeze Chance. Hehe. Oh, I kill myself sometimes. 
The park was bumping!

Listy, Mr. B and I jibber jabbered for awhile and then we headed back home. I was starving!!! Mr. B recommened sushi and I was all over that like white on rice. I swear, I am killing it tonight!
Before we grabbed sushi, we stopped by the wine store. I am pretty sure it’s dangerous to have this wine store right down the street from us. Red wine and me are best friends, and you know me, I can’t quit a friendship. That would just be rude. 
Dinner tonight was from a local sushi restaurant down the street, Sonoda’s. Whoever runs this place gets fifty gold stars in customer service. All of the employees are so damn nice. 
Mr. B and I got the usual.
Salmon Roll, Eel Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll and the Rainbow Roll.

Of course with dinner you must have…
As I served up dinner, Mr. B played his guitar. Can I request a little Slash solo? 
Dinner is served.
Off to watch Camelot! Have a great night!