Today started off on the wrong foot.

We slept until 10:45 this morning!!!! OH THE HORROR!! Seriously, who are we? Why do we take these mini-coma’s on the weekend? Geesh. That’s it. I am searching Sky Mall for a taser alarm clock. I just don’t see any other option.
Even though we got a late start on the day we did manage to squeeze in brunch and a stroll through the Farmer’s Market.

This Farmer’s Market is by the Lehman’s house in Platt Park. I love it because it’s on Sundays and it always has some really good people watching.

Sadly, we didn’t end up getting anything because everything was picked over by noon. Yeah, early bird gets the worm people. 
We strolled up and down peeking into the booths, and then headed to The Black Pearl for some eats. Love the Pearl. On Sundays they have bottomless mimosas. We did not par take in the booze, just coffee to wake us from our sleepy slumber.

I don’t know where this luck came from but we managed to score this table right by the window that overlooked the street. Yay, score one for the Griers!

To start we had the truffle fries. Just go with me here. The salt and cheese were a perfect combination…and the aioli, forget about it. 
I ended up getting the Eggs Benedict. I forgot to ask for the hollandaise on the side, oops. But the dish ended up not being heavy which was great. Also, instead of an English muffin they served it on a crositini. Love, love, loved it.

After a quick pit stop at home, we headed to ‘The Depot.’ I have been dying to pot some herbs because paying $3.00 for a small package at the store gets me all fired up. I called my brother John to ask for some guidance on what we needed to buy and how to actually plant the little suckers. Also, I managed to get Mr. B to buy us a grill. Freaking score!!

Okay, so here’s I did with the herbs: 
     – Bought 2 large and 2 medium terra cotta pots
     – Put basil and rosemary in each of the 2 medium pots
     – Put oregano and parsley together in 1 large pot
     – Put cilantro (yes, I couldn’t win that argument) and mint in the other large pot

I filled the pots with potting soil. Then made a well in the dirt and placed the herbs in the soil. I made sure the herbs sat a little higher then the soil so that the plant could naturally sink. Once the herbs were in, I filled in the rest of the dirt and watered. Viola, herb pots!  (P.S. By “I” I mean Mr. B.  I directed the work, which totally deserves some credit)

I really hope I don’t kill them. Me and watering, don’t really go together. I guess that’s why I don’t have children yet. =)
After we potted plants, I ran to the grocery store to grab stuff for dinner and Mr. B got to work on putting together the grill. Have I ever mentioned that our dining room table becomes his work bench because our place is so small?  It’s brilliant let me tell you. Yeah, not really. 
I was excited for dinner tonight because I finally got to use this guy…
Um, that’s right, Bone Suckin’ Sauce. I picked him up last week at Whole Foods and had about a twenty-minute conversation with one of the workers about barbecue and he said this was the best. Now, I am quick to judge because in my world KC has the best barbecue, but I give this barbecue sauce the gospel praise. It’s that good. AMEN.
I put it on some chicken drumsticks and baked them in the oven at 400 for 45 minutes. OMG. Seriously, it was lip smackin’ good. 
I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Monday, blah. I have a busy week ahead but it’s all stuff I really enjoy! Kickball starts on Tuesday!  Training starts on Wednesday (more to come on that)…
Hope you had a great weekend!