That is exact number of day until the Prairie Fire Marathon in Wichita, Kansas.

Yep, Mr. B and I begin our training this week in attempt to run his first, my second marathon in our home city. We are both excited to run on familiar turf in front of family and friends but there’s a catch.

Let’s get real for a moment.

It’s summer. It’s hot, and we would rather be sitting by the pool sipping Mai Tai’s. In other words, I am nervous. What can I say, running a marathon is not the easiest thing to do in the world. I am hoping this time around with my experience from The Big D under my belt that the race won’t seem as daunting. In fact, I am truly motivated to finish under 5hours. Plus, training with Mr. B for the full sixteen weeks sounds way more fun than pounding pavement by myself. I guess if all else fails there’s always the 5K!

Given all of this information, over the next four months I plan to share my training ins and outs. From the how-to’s of trail running to speed work to running while you travel. There is so much that goes into training for a marathon that I thought I would share my struggles and victories with you!

In other news, my herbs didn’t die over night! Booyah. I checked on them this morning and they were pretty and perky. I gave them a high five just to make sure that they new they were loved.

Also, Mr. B finished putting together the grill last night at around 10pm. I swear he is the energizer bunny. He can keep going, and going. I stopped to tried to feed him the delicious Bone Suckin’ chicken drumsticks but he wouldn’t stop. It was serious people.

I am looking forward to grilling on the beast but that may have to wait until this weekend. Or until we get the grill even.