Learning How to Choose the Correct Cut of Pork is an important step in preparing pork. A few little tips will help guide you to create the optimal pork cooking experience. Wondering how to choose the correct cut of pork? Look no further! Our guide simplifies the process, ensuring your culinary endeavors are a success.

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I’ll admit it.

I’ve thrown a lot of pork your way this week, but for good reason!

On Monday I gave you information on why the USDA has lowered the minimum safe internal cooking temperature to 145 degrees with a three-second rest. With pigs being raised inside versus outside there are now fewer chances of disease, illness, etc. for the pigs to contract thus making safer pork to eat.

I also threw at you this delicious Pumpkin Cream Sauce with Ground Pork that I used to make this Slow Cooker Lasagna. It’s okay, go ahead and wipe your drool.

But! The one thing I didn’t cover and something I think is important when you are shopping at your local grocery store: How to Choose the Correct Cut of Pork. Seems simple, but I thought a few tips and tricks would help organize and frame what you should buy based on what you want to cook.

How to Choose the Correct Cut of Pork

Here’s the 411:

– “Redder is Better” – The dark the pork the better. This will give you fresher and more flavorful pork. Also, you don’t want excess liquid in the package either. If the package does contain liquid the chances of the pork drying out are greater.

– Different types of pork are better for different types of cooking. For example, you don’t want to saute a pork shoulder. Instead low and slow allows this cut to become buttery and fall of the bone delicious.

Below is a guide that will make choosing a cut of pork a breeze. Besides selecting what kind of pork to cook, it will also tell you what type of pork is better for sauteing, braising, etc. Keep this chart handy when you are jonesing for some pork chops!

Alright, I think I got all the bases covered! If you want to learn more about pork, pork production, antibiotics, etc. make sure to check out the National Pork Board’s website. They are an open book and would love to hear any of your thoughts or questions!

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How to Choose the Correct Cut of Pork

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Good luck and have a great weekend!

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How to Choose the Correct Cut of Pork

Conclusion: Armed with our insights on how to choose the correct cut of pork, you’re ready to elevate your cooking to new heights. Enjoy your delicious pork dishes with confidence.