I sound like every mom when I say, once again, “How did this month go by so fast?”

I wish there was another way to state how I feel because I’m sure I sound like a broken record.

Also, I’ve been feeling super nostalgic lately and that has to do with the fact that Charlie’s first birthday is around the corner. I am still struggling with how to “celebrate” her given the social distancing requirements. BUT! I figure if we have a few family and friends over and manage to be outside it should be okay. Right?

Anyway, month nine was full of lots of changes and surprisingly we were busy! Charlie definitely keeps us on our toes. 

Let’s dive in to see what’s been going on! 

Changes With Charlie…….

Homegirl is MOBILE!!! Yep, she officially became mobile on Father’s Day. Mr. B and I were lying in bed catching up on the news while Charlie played with her toys on the floor. Soon we heard a rustle in the closet and we looked at each other like, ‘WTF was that?” Well, homegirl had made her way over to the hamper and was pushing it around. 

Once that happened, we went into full on baby proofing mode. We were lucky that we had just finished our upstairs remodel, but our house was still a playground of death. Trying to contain a baby that wants to move while hammers, drills, paint, etc. are laying around is not ideal. Mr. B and I had to tag team while one put stuff away. 

We got all the outlets covered, but the baby gate was the biggest pain in the rear. There are a bazillion options and they are not cheap. Plus, you have to decide if the baby gate will be wall mounted or not. This whole process gave me a headache. We ended with a standard baby gate that you mount on the wall to cover our long living room space. At least I know I can leave Charlie in the room and not feel she will escape. 

Another quick change: she stood up in her crib! This gave us a huge scare. It didn’t take long for her to figure out to pull herself up. Note to parents: lower the crib mattress early! 

Charlie had her nine month wellness appointment and passed with flying colors. Crazy to think she was once 5lbs 13ounces and now weighs 20lbs! The only thing the doc said was to make sure she was getting iron. I started giving her more ground beef, beans, and hemp seeds to help make sure she maintains adequate levels. 

Speaking of food…..Charlie is a good eater. Phew. She loves scrambled eggs in the mornings, avocado + chicken + hummus for lunch, and whatever is leftover for dinner. She’s very curious and loves trying different kinds of food. OH! And including Juniper in her food experience. Sigh. 

How was your Fourth of July?

So much fun! Denver was a ghost town because everyone fled to the mountains for the holiday. We ended up doing an easy hike in the foothills near a river and it was perfect. Charlie loved being out in the fresh mountain air and chatting with hikers that passed by. Random note: we still use the Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier for her because we can turn it around and she can pass out on Mr.B if we are out and about during nap time. 

Besides hiking we also got to hang a tree swing that my parents got her! Homegirl loves swinging really high. Also, it’s a great way to contain her for a hot second! 

Best part of summer so far?

Watching Charlie splash in her baby pool! Homegirl loves water. She will sit in that pool and splash for hours if she could. Plus, it makes me so happy to see her smile in a super cute swimsuit! 

How was leaving Charlie for a week? 

Surprisingly not as difficult as I thought. I’m so thankful that my mother came to watch her because she knows Charlie and is so good with her. If I left her with a random stranger I think I would have been more nervous. The hardest part was when I returned home and she saw me….instant tears. I just held her and kissed those tears away. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life. 

Things We Are Loving……

Swing: This weatherproof baby swing is $. Not only is it soft, well-made, but is super comfortable. Charlie could sit in that thing for hours! 

Baby Pool + Swimmies: Amazon to the rescue. I’m probably going to put this darn thing in our living room this winter to keep her occupied. 

Target shoes: I feel weird taking a baby outside without shoes on. I think it’s because I hate dirty feet. BUT! I found these cute summer shoes for Charlie at Target and they’ve held up with her being on the move, etc.