I’m not crying. I’m not crying. I’M N-O-T C-R-Y-I-N-G.

Where did the time go? Every time Bret wakes her up in the morning, changes her diaper, and then brings her to bed so I can give her a bottle she looks different! Some mornings I think to myself, where did my baby go, yet, she is still a baby. Is that weird? 

Month six was pretty awesome. Yes, we were all hunkered in and adjusting to the “new normal”, but for Charlie, life was about the same. Sleep, eat, play, and repeat. GAH! I’m just so amazed how a little baby can be so positive all the time. Her light continues to shine brighter every day and I’m so thankful for it. 

So, let’s take a look back at what life was like at month six!

Changes with Charlie…..

Homegirl is on the move and demanding more attention. She has finally mastered the complete rollover. Before her chicken wing would get stuck and she would grunt, yell, and grunt more. At first it was super annoying to have to go back and forth to help her roll back over. Like every 10 seconds people. Now, she is just rolling around which is kind of scary because she’s basically mobile. 

Even though she has mastered the rollover she still wants us to carry her around everywhere. I’m like sister, you are just fine playing with your dangling fish for a hot minute! I know she is super curious about the world and looks at us as a vehicle to show her around. BUT! I’m not a taxi service 24/7. Or am I and I just need to get over it? HA! 

Right now Charlie is still using her Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. Damn that thing is the greatest invention ever. She is roughly sleeping 3.5 hours a day and through the night (praise the lord!). Sometimes she will wake up at 4am and start laughing and playing, but eventually goes back to sleep. She is so random! 

Another fun thing she found was her feet! Homegirl is super flexible, but loves grabbing her piggies. 

Even though St. Paddy’s Day looked very different this year, I still had her dress up with her sister. Aren’t these two the cutest? Someday they will start to really play with each other and I can’t wait! Juniper is still annoyed with her most days, but overall is a great big sis! 

Six Month Shots….

I debated about going to her six month wellness appointment. With the pandemic and everything I didn’t want to unnecessarily expose her. BUT! After talking to the nurse about their protocol, I felt way more comfortable. When I arrived at the pediatrician office they make you stay in your car until a nurse comes out and escorts you to a private door on the side of the building where you enter your exam room. Never saw the waiting room or anyone else. Everything was clean, the nurse wiped down everything again while I was in the room, and that was about it. I felt safe the entire time and Charlie did great! Okay, minus the shots in general, but she is officially 15 lbs and in size 2 diapers! 

Starting Baby Led Weaning….

We finally started Charlie on solid foods!! I didn’t know what to expect when giving a baby food. It’s actually quite intimidating because they could choke or generally just hate food. Thankfully the amazing ladies at Feeding Littles have been a valuable resource. They walk you through soup to nuts how to introduce solid food, what to look for when choking vs gagging, how to present food, and baby hunger cues. Such a huge eye opener and with all this knowledge actually made feeding Charlie way easier and fun! So far Charlie loves hummus, tzatziki, chicken, sweet potatoes, spaghetti sauce, and well, pretty much everything! 

How we’re doing as a family?

We have no complaints. Charlie is a good baby and we are very lucky to be healthy! The only thing I’m in a little stink about is Charlie keeps saying “dadadadada” which sounds like “dada.” Bret thinks she is saying dad, but I’m not going there just yet. I’m secretly holding out that she will say, “mama.”

Things We are Loving…..

Baby Led Weaning Course: Such a valuable resource for parents! Provides great instruction on how to introduce food to a baby to how to feed a picky toddler!

Bumbo Multi Seat: Great seat that is very versatile. We move it around the house for Charlie to sit in as well as feed with the tray attachment! 

NumNum spoons: Giving Charlie blueberries or rice is so much easier with these spoons! I just mash it in and she gobbles it up! 

Silicone Baby Bibs: Easy to clean! Plus, the sayings just make it so much fun!