8 weeks. 

Still can’t believe Charlie is two months old! 

What a difference four weeks makes in terms of growth. I must say these past couple of weeks have been my favorite! Around week six Charlie hit a huge stride in personality. She has been cooing and smiling and is just so much! I’m completely obsessed with her. 

After Halloween was over it felt like the weeks flew by. The second I thought things would slow down we had to pack our bags to leave on our road trip back to Kansas for Thanksgiving. I don’t anticipate things slowing down anytime soon which is why I am trying to be present when she is awake. Talking and singing to her makes me feel way more connected. I don’t want to miss a single moment. 

Changes with Charlie……

One thing Mr. B and I have learned when it comes to raising a child it is always two steps forward, one step back. Week five hit us hard. Not only did Daylight Savings time own us, but she was going through a leap that week. We didn’t know about these leaps until someone mentioned on Insta Stories about the dreaded week five leap. Um, hello! Why was this not brought to our attention before Charlie was born? Anyway, she was super fussy, wanted to be held, and didn’t nap at all. Thankfully my friend Shannon recommend The Wonder Weeks App! Such a help in navigating changes within development. 

Once week five departed, it was like a heavens opened up and all the beautiful light came shining down. I swear this was the week Charlie started smiling, laughing and cooing. I also attribute this new found light to her gaining weight. She officially was over 8lbs! I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear this when I was at lactation group. Such a huge relief. Crazy to think that three days after she was born she weighed 5lbs 13oz. Now, over 8 in six weeks! Homegirl was crushing it. 

Besides gaining weight, this is when she began to stretch out and sleep at night. The first night it happened I remember waking up that morning in a panic, and went over to make sure she was still breathing. That day in particular I was so freaking tired. I hadn’t had a full night sleep in over three months so my body was not used to rest. Crazy how one night of non-interrupted sleep can make you feel exhausted. 

End of week seven we had to prepare for her two month appointment. I didn’t know what to expect because, um, hello, shots! Anyways, you guys were extremely helpful in navigating me through that hot mess. Charlie did amazing. She cried for a few minutes, but that’s it! I nursed her right after and enjoyed the long nap she took. But other than that I think I was more of a wreck then she was! 

Week eight we were traveling with this little lady. I’m not kidding when I say it took me an entire day to pack our car for the long road trip back to KC. Since it’s a 10 hour car ride, we broke it up with two, almost three stops. I was going to pump a bottle to help move things faster at each pit stop, but Charlie was not having a bottle. I think being in her car seat made her cranky and she needed some soothing which was not a big deal. She did great for the first eight hours, but the last two she screamed the entire way! I can’t blame her. I would be pissed too. Thankfully Mr. B was driving so I rocked her car seat until we were about 10 minutes away from my parents house when she passed out. Go figure! But we made it and had a great holiday.

How’s Nursing Going….

Well, it’s going. Charlie is gaining weight and growing. For me, I am starting to get a little frustrated with it. I am very thankful that I can breastfeed Charlie, but I don’t know if I am a one-year kind of person. Around week six we started giving her formula at 5 pm. This meant she would have two to three bottles prior to bed. I needed a break and so did my hooters. I was nervous she wouldn’t take to the formula, but she doesn’t mind it. If anything, loading her up prior to bedtime has definitely helped her sleep through the night. AND! I hired my first babysitter to watch Charlie so I could go out for wine and sushi! It was such a freeing feeling to not have to worry about being the food buffet. 

How I’m Doing….

Great! And I say that truthfully. I feel each week gets better and better. I was cleared for working out and sex by the doctor so that was a huge milestone. Having the southern region healed and back to normal is such a relief. I swear the one thing they don’t prepare you for is trying to take care of yourself after giving birth + taking care of your child. It’s a full-time job! 

Like I mentioned above being able to leave Charlie with a care provider for an evening was a huge mental hurdle that made me feel somewhat normal again. Going out and chatting with girlfriends about anything and then going back home to Charlie made me appreciate her so much more. I was definitely one of those moms that didn’t bond immediately. Now, I feel way closer to her and miss her while I’m gone for a few hours. 

Another note, I feel way better at assessing Charlie’s needs. I know when she’s tired, hungry, wants to play, etc. As a mom that is the best feeling. I feel somewhat in control and able to plan more accordingly with her sleep and feeding schedule. Also, if you haven’t taken the “Taking Cara Babies” course and you are a soon-to-be mom or mama, take it! 

What We’re Loving……

The Wonders App: such a great resource for navigating development

Stevie J Bows: the bigger the bow the better! 

Old Navy Clothes: I have been loving this Puffy Vest, Faux Fur jacket and Footed PJ’s

Gap Baby Sherpa One Piece: I got from my mother-in-law is the best! Great for to throw on when I’m headed out for a quick walk to keep her warm.

Konny Baby Carrier: I use this when I take Charlie to Target. So much easy than leaving her the car seat which she hates!

Overall Month Two has been…..

SO.MUCH.BETTER. Better in terms of a routine and sleep. But more importantly is seeing Charlie blossom. Mr. B and I are excited to see her personality shine and look forward to each day as she learns something new like staring at her hand for five minutes. It’s the little things. Also, let’s be real, I am so excited to take her to see Santa!!