And just like that, we bid farewell to May.

{read with a thick country accent}: “Ah, shoot.” 
I’m kind of sad to see her go. Many wonderful moments happened in those thirty-one days. Some made me smile, giggle, appreciate, and realize the simple things in life are the ones we cherish the most. 
Anyways, I captured some of those wonderful moments via Instagram and thought it would be fun to share them with you. Cassie, a fellow blogger and author of Bake Your Day, did this a while back, and I fell in love. 
Okay, without further adieu, May via Instagram! 
And just in case, here are few of my favorite posts to go along!
– Denver Derby Party
– Strawberry Mousse
– A Sunday Trail
– Honey Mustard Salmon with Spinach and Herbed Pilaf
– Memorial Day Recap
– Mellow-Miso Apricot Jam
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