Howdy friends, and happy Wednesday!

Is it me, or does this week seem to be flying by? Not only do I feel like I am in a time warp, but I have 1,233 things to do before we leave town again on Friday. Mr. B and I are heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit Scott and Jessica, and their bundle of joy, Gabriella. Hard to believe she is a month old already. Where does the time go? Tear. 
Before I dive into today’s post, the kind and lovely Julia over at The Roasted Rootnominated me for the Food Stories Award! Whoo-hoo! Thanks, Julia. 
In order to complete my nomination, I have to tell y’all one thing about myself and also nominate five other foodie bloggers whose stories I have a blasty-blast reading!
First up, the one thing…I do a great impression of Axl Rose dancing. Totes true.
Second…the five other bloggers I’m currently digging and would love to nominate: 
– Kat @ Tenaciously Yours
– Megan @ Wanna Be A Country Cleaver
– Jeanne @ Inside NanaBreads Head
– Kirsten @ Comfortably Domestic
– Carrie @ Bakeaholic Mama
Whether I actually win the award or not, I’m still grateful to even be nominated. This is why the blog community is AH-mazing. It truly is a place where people can come together (even if it’s through the “interwebs”) and be a part of a positive support network. A major high-five goes out to all bloggers! 
Okay, moving on.
As I mentioned earlier, I have a major to-do list to tackle before we head out of Dodge in two days. The first stop on the errand train, Target. I needed to find a present for Ms. Gabriella and Ms. Ella Rose (who will be turning 3 on Monday)! 
I could have spent all day in the fairy princess aisle playing with Barbies and Cabbage Patch dolls, but I quickly remembered that I wasn’t five when trying to squeeze into that pink tutu. Plus, the stink-eye from the Target employee didn’t help either. Whatevs.
Second stop, Uncle Nordies (or Nordstroms if you must). I am in dire need of new summer footwear. Yes, Old Navy flip-flops will always be a staple in my warm weather shoe selection, but I needed something with a bit more support. Enter these cute wedges made by Toms! Adorable. 
Stop three, four, five, and six were quick, and easy:
– World Market -> wine, please! 
– Whole Foods -> needed Greek Yogurt
– Bed, Bath, and Beyoooooooond -> needed new white hand towels, but didn’t find anything
– Car wash -> Memorial weekend left the ol’ jeep looking a little crusty
After all of that running around, you bet your sweet tookus I wasn’t going to be cooking dinner tonight. Lucky stop number seven, Chipotle. I swear Chipotle can save lives because if I had to think about washing dishes I would have gone Wayne Brady on someone. Thankfully no dishes were required for this dinner. 
Chicken burrito bowl. Hello, gorgeous! 
And a little mocktail to go alongside. 
Sanity saved. 
Have a good evening!
P.S. Congrats to my friend, Meg! She gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl today! Love to Kevin and you!