As a kid you got excited when you missed a day of school because you were under the weather. As an adult, well, it doesn’t provide the same kind of excitement. The reason we are missing work today is not because we are barfing our brains out but that our vehicle has an illness that has not been diagnosed.

Mr. B took the Jeep into the dealership this morning when they first opened to see if we could get it fixed. Since Mr. B is a mechanical engineer he explained to the mechanic what he thought the problem might be. Of course the guy looked at Mr. B like he just spoke Swahili. Not a good sign folks. He said he would take a look and give us a call when he knew something.

While we waited for the phone call we walked to The Mountain Lyon Cafe for breakfast.

“Let your hunger run wild!” Yeah, complete cheese fest.

I needed coffee and eggs, stat!

The usual:

Denver omelet for me and a breakfast burrito for Mr. B. It was quite yummy.

After breakfast we walked back to the hotel and asked for a late check out. They were kind to oblige given the circumstance we were in. If you are ever stranded in Silverthorne, check out the Silver Inn. We actually used to stay here during ski season before we got the room in Vail. It’s not fancy, but the rooms are clean and the Russian couple who own it are so sweet.

Around 2pm we hadn’t heard from the dealership so we walked over to get an update. Bad news. They still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the Jeep. I think if it was legal to stab people in the jaw Mr. B may have performed this action to the tech manager.
He told us to give them another hour and since we had no other option we cruised through Target which was next door. I will say that I got some cute black sandals.
After our shopping event we went back to the dealership. I bet you can’t guess what happened? Yep. They still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the Jeep. This time Mr. B and I we are about to throw down a double Wayne Brady!
If you are ever in a car situation and dealing with a mechanic, here are a few free lesson’s:
Mr. B’s life lesson #103: Most mechanics are honest, good people
Mr. B’s life lesson #245:  Mechanics charge by the hour for trouble shooting
Mr. B’s life lesson #465:  Its hard to tell the difference between incompetence and dishonesty
Mr. B ended up making an executive decision to rent a car and head back to Denver because we could not miss anymore work. Plus we leave on Friday for Dallas!!! AHHHHHH!!
The dealership driver took us to the Hertz rental in Frisco.
What, you don’t recognize it?  The rental car place is inside a bus station. Brilliant.  To make things better they threw us in this big pimping car!!
At this point we didn’t care what we ending up driving, we just wanted to get home. After a nine hour day of waiting, we made it home.
I have never been more exhausted. We left the Jeep in Silverthorne and have to pick it back up on Thursday. Fantastic.
Thank God tomorrow is another day because I AM DONE!