This weekend Listy, Max, AC, Mr. B and I headed to Steamboat.  AC scored free lift tickets through his work and being the awesome friend he is decided to hook us up.  Love that.
We ended up meeting everyone late on Friday night because Mr. B had to work and I was dragging ass due to Thursday’s night shenanigans. I can still taste all of that wine. I may not have Pinot for awhile.  Plus we had Jeep trouble, which is a whole other story. Have I ever mentioned that I hate cars? Errrr.
Once we got to the condo, we hung out for awhile with everyone but called it an early night.
Saturday morning = ski day!
It was scorching hot. The high for the day ended up being around 70.  OMG.  Since Max and Listy have baby Chance they split time skiing so Mr. B, AC, Listy and I skied in the morning . We had fun but the snow was pretty crappy. Spring skiing is really for partying.
After lunch, the boys went to shred more of the mountain so Listy, Chance and I headed to Steamboat village to grab a table for the afternoon festivities. The resort was putting on a free outdoor concert featuring Los Lonely Boys You know the song, “How Far is Heaven.” Damn song is still in my head.
While we waited for everyone to finish skiing we took in some sun, drank Bloody Mary’s and people watched. I could get used to doing this every Saturday.
When the concert was over our group and the Vail crew headed downtown to grab some BBQ. Double Z is a whole in the wall restaurant. Aren’t all mouth watering local foods located in some dive establishment?

Mr. B had ribs and I had a pork sandwich. It was finger licking good.
We ended our downtown adventure at Rio for some quick margs. Seriously, these margaritas tasted like gasoline, the tequila was sooooo strong. Afterwards we stumbled back to our condo and set sail with some Captain Morgan. Apparently I think I am 20 again.


This morning we awoke to this.


Snow? What the heck? It was 70 degrees yesterday and now it’s dumping snow. Colorado has some serious bi-polar weather in the spring.
The boys skied while Listy and I had brunch at Winona’s with the Vail crew. This is one of my favorite brunch places in Steambaot. Delish.
After a few errands, we picked up the boys and started to head back to Denver. Now mind you with all of snow they started closing roads, like I-70. So we thought if we could get to Silverthorne and wait until they open the roads because then we would only be an hour away from Denver.
Well, twenty miles out from Silverthorne the Jeep starts to die. Meaning we were losing power captain. Thank God we managed to get to town but of course the dealership doesn’t open until tomorrow morning. And to put salt in our wounds, I-70 opened up. Seriously. WTF.
So we are stuck right now in a hotel with a Jeep that doesn’t work. Tomorrow is going to be fun.