Dive into indulgence with our Nutella S’more Angel Food Cake Sammies, topped with marshmallow frosting. A sweet symphony awaits, combining the richness of Nutella with the classic allure of s’mores.

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Sometimes I feel stuck in the middle.

As in constantly balancing on a long plank between two ships. Do I tip-toe to the ship full of pirates and adventures? Throwing caution to the wind and holding no regrets. Or, do I stroll to the ship where life is steady and a routine feels sexy?

My personality is of the committed type. If I say I am going to do something, honor something, or show up for something, I’m your gal. But I’m slowly discovering there is a curse of sorts when it’s comes to being committed.

You are either all in, or never in.

I have hard time balancing between partying with the pirates and making sure I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep. These two worlds will never combine, really they shouldn’t, but I am torn as a person that seeks balance to somehow mesh them together.  “And now deep thoughts, brought to you by…..”

However, I will tell you the one thing I will full-on-commit-walk-the-plank-hold-no-regrets would be these epic Nutella S’more Angel Food Cake Sammies. These whimsical sammies are chock full of nostalgia and decadant ingredients. So, forget about the ol’ s’more campfire routine. Instead, let’s sass up the classic “Sandlot” inspired dessert and stuff glossy marshmallow frosting and Nutella in between two fluffy pieces of angel food cake. I’m telling you, you are going to want some s’more.

You know I’ve been waiting the entire post to say that.

So, make these sammies and take s’more out of life.

Send help.


Conclude your dessert journey with the heavenly delight of Nutella S’more Angel Food Cake Sammies. The perfect fusion of Nutella, s’mores, and marshmallow frosting elevates your sweet experience—a divine treat for your taste buds.