Welcome to Foodie Fridays! Delight your taste buds with our crispy salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes, garnished with fresh chives. A culinary celebration of flavor awaits in every bite.

crispy salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes with fresh chives www.climbinggriermountain.com

Raise your hand if you forgot Memorial Day was this coming Monday?

(raises hand!!)

Seriously, did it not come out of nowhere? I feel as though Easter was five minutes ago. With summer officially kicking off on Monday, that whole summer bucket list thing-a-ma-jig, yeah, haven’t even started it. Am I a slacker? A non-summer enthusiast? GASP! Oh, dear, we can’t have that rumor splashing around poolside.

crispy salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes with fresh chives

Mr. B and I are heading to the Little Apple this weekend to spend time with family and check on the restaurants. So, I figured on the eight hour car ride between Denver and Manhattan, Kansas, I will make a sassy list of shenanigans I want to accomplish.

A few of the big ones off the top of my head include: climbing a 14’er, making homemade tater tots(!!!), posting how-to photography posts, and getting back to painting with water colors. Oooooooh…and I totally want to do an official grub crawl of Denver! Who wants to join?

Now that I am jazz-hands excited about summer 2014, let’s talk taters real quick. Potatoes are essential, in my opinion, to summer picnics, barbecues, and late night dinners on the patio. This is where I tell you the whole tired baked potato is getting thrown out the window. Enter, these salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes. I saw this recipe on Food and Wine and thought fingerling potatoes would be fun. It’s 2014, you gotta’ take it up a notch.

Plus, I love the flaky salt and kick of vinegar that makes these skillet potatoes almost taste like a bag of chips. Only wayyyyyyyy better.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend, friends. Cheers!

Conclude your Foodie Fridays with the exquisite delight of our crispy salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes, complemented by fresh chives. Elevate your culinary experience with this irresistible and flavorful side dish.