I got to thinking last night after reading Jamie’s blog post about Miz Spears and her music videos. And it made me think back to the crazy TRL days on MTV, when Carson Daly would countdown the top ten video’s of the week. I still remember praying with all of my friends that NSYNC or 98 degrees wouldn’t be cut. Don’t judge.

I can really think back before TRL and remember watching Pearl Jam’s music video for “Jeremy.” Or, all of the Aerosmith videos featuring Alicia Silverstone. My personal favorite is probably, Guns N’ Rose’s “November Rain,” when Slash is doing his guitar solo outside of the church. Brilliant.

Anyways, the point of this post is to answer the question, do people still watch music video’s? And the answer is, yes! Obviously, the mean as to which we watch videos has changed because everything is now on you tube, twitter, or facebook. But artists are still making video’s and we are still watching.

Case in point. Ok Go is a band that Mr. B brought to my attention recently that became famous simply for their music videos. Plus, their music is really, really catchy.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

(source: Google images)