Well, not really. But I did feel a little like Elmer Fudd today, only cuter.

(source: Google images)

Today, was the G.P.A (Gas Processor’s Associations) annual Clay Shoot out at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club.

Bret sits on the board of the Rocky Mountain Division of G.P.A and this year he was selected as the committee chair head for this event. Can you imagine trying coordinate 200 shooters between 20 stations? Along, with food, drinks, prizes? I must applaud my husband because the day was a true success!!
Since this was my first time EVER to shoot a shotgun, let alone, shoot clay targets. I was actually surprised to find how easy it was to gear up for the sport. All you really need, are good earplugs, lots of ammo, and a gun. Plus, a little of Captain American attitude doesn’t hurt:)
I am not going to lie, I was scared to death to shoot the gun for the first time. I was never around guns growing up as a child so to me, they really freak me out. But after today, I actually have a much greater respect for guns in general.
Yep, that’s me shooting. For a first time shooter, I shot a 21. Don’t laugh, I know that is pretty pathetic but considering the top female shooter shot a 36, I don’t feel too worthless. Maybe I should have been a cop?
Anyways, I had a great day! I conquered my fear’s of fire arms and got to hang out with the hubby instead of being at work. Although, I did run into one slight problem…
Kickbacks from guns really hurt if you don’t hold the gun correctly…oops!
Now, on to Telluride and Phoenix. Things are about to get crazy!