Running at altitude.

Running at altitude with hills.

Running at altitude with hills on vacation.

Not priceless.

This week has been deemed, “let’s just get through it.” Even though Mr. B and I felt like the cards were stacked against the entire week, we completed all of necessary runs this week. I will pat ourselves on the back for that.

Mr. B: Rest.

Me: 3 miles. I haven’t worn my Vibram’s in a while. We decided to run in these to work different muscle groups in our feet and legs. I love these guys. I feel like a little kid when I wear them and can go super fast! The best part about these shoes is that they provide a quick workout especially if you are running up a hill. I seriously wish every run could be like this one because we were cooking (8 minute pace people!!)
Mr. B: 3 miles.  My run wasn’t as spectacular as my better half’s, but it was decent.  I have to admit that running in Steamboat is one hell of a lot more scenic than running in Hobbs, NM.  It was a little muggy due to the afternoon showers, but no complaints.

Me: 6 miles. This run was tough. An early morning run, straight into town, it was a “hurry and get it over” run. I felt like the tinman the first two miles. I couldn’t relax and felt stiff in every joint. By mile three I loosened up but then I started to cramp up by mile four. By then I just zoned out and prayed the last two miles would fly by.
Mr. B: 6 miles.  I’ll just come out and say it, I was worn out!  Not my best run, but having Winona’s waiting for us at the end of this run added a little extra encouragement to get it done and get on with the day.  It was nice and cool, which made it a little easier to relax and get into a groove.

Me: 3 miles. Thank goodness this was a short run. I love the number 3. So simple. This run had a more hill work which kicked my butt. I felt like a Walmart mouth breather after I got to the top of the hill. I was sucking serious air, plus it was humid becuase it just got done raining so I was sweating buckets. I am glad we have two days of rest, I need a break.
Mr. B: 3 miles.  This was the first run that I realized we might have over done it a bit with the hills.  Running on flat ground in NM for two weeks and then hitting the hills of Steamboat may have been a little more than my ankles could take…

Me: Rest.

Me: Rest.
Mr. B: Rest.

Me: Need to continue to work on running hills. My goal for the next couple of months is to incorporate more interval and trail running.
Mr. B:  Not a great week running for me.  Possibly my worst yet actually.  I have to keep reminding myself that my body isn’t used to doing this and I am not going to have a great run every time.