This morning we were up and out the door by 7:30am in order to be downtown on time for our fly fishing lesson. 
I was determined to catch a fish today! 
The best place for fly fishing lessons in Steamboat is at Steamboat Fly Fisher. In my opinion everyone who works there just rocks.
Our guides for the day were Seth and Rob. Rob was our guide since Susie and I were only doing a half day ( I have an attention span of a five year old when it comes to fishing so a full day is out of the question). 
Rob was 25 and just retired from competitive free style skiing to become a full time fly fishing guide. He was tall. 6’4 to be exact, but as sweet as the day is long. 
We headed south of town to a private stretch of the Yampa river. I think the best thing about fly fishing is that you get to fish in some of the most beautiful scenery.
Prepping to head down to the river. 
 I wish I could see this from our balcony. 
So green…

Are we really doing this? 

Where are our straw hats? 
Wait, is this Vietnam? 
When we arrived at the river, we split from the boys and headed south.  We had to wade through some shrubs and mud, but for me, that’s part of the fun. 
A quick refresher on how to cast and then we were ready to rip some lip.
Two and a half hours later….no fish. 
I had a couple of bites, but I couldn’t hook anything! I swear I am cursed.
Rob was kind enough to take our picture before we met back up with the guys around one. 
Chuck and Mr. B weren’t having any luck either. Since the water is so high, fishing is more difficult because the water is so muddy. 

We kissed the men goodbye and started to head back to the car. We were concerned about the weather so we made a run for it. 
Susie and I were about 75 feet away from the Jeep when it started to rain. As the rain came pouring down, it stung like a mother trucker. At first I was like, why in the hell does it hurt so bad? Then Susie turned to me and yelled, I think it’s hailing! 
We bolted for the Jeep to take cover but not soon enough because we got pounded by the hail. Just to let you know, hail effing hurts!!! 
Once we were in the Jeep we waited for the hail and rain to simmer down so we could take the other Jeep because the boys were staying longer. 
Nothing like a swap ride back to town to keep things interesting!
By the time we got back to the fly shop, Susie and I were drenched. Susie quickly returned her gear and then we headed back to the house, cold and wet.
I seriously can’t believe all the rain over the past three days. Geesh. 
We quickly changed clothes and then headed to the grocery store to gather ingredients to make Pioneer Woman’s tortilla soup. Warm soup on a dreary day, genius. 
I took a quick nap and then blogged as we waited for Matt and Elizabeth to arrive, and for the guys to return home. Apparently they had better luck once we left because they both caught some fish! 
Now it’s time for soup and a cocktail…. perfect end to a long day.