I am feeling much better this morning. I finally got some sleep last night. Yesterday’s hail adventures tuckered me out.

We ate breakfast and watched the hot air balloon launch from our balcony as we gathered our thoughts of what we would like to do for the day.

All of the balloons were very colorful, but my favorite was the Colorado one.

I think the amazing thing is that we could hear the burners as the hot air balloons set sail.  I still can’t figure out why people would want to ride in that fiery death trap.
Breakfast was simple, eggs and toast. My fav!
Since this was Matt and Elizabeth’s first time in Steamboat we had to show them around. First, we went four wheeling. Well, I should say we “attempted” to four wheel. We were greeted with a road closed sign at the entrance to every trail we tried to go down.  
The reason the roads were closed was because they were all washed out from all the rain. Bummer. 
We headed back to town so Susie, Elizabeth, and I could stroll through Art In The Park while they boys ran man errands. 
There were a couple booths that we thought were pretty fun. My favorite was the booth with all the salsas and cheese spreads. Delish.
Of course, there’s always that one darn Christmas booth.
It looked like it was going to rain so we called the boys to come and get us, plus we were hungry. We tried Johnny Be Good’s Dinner but the wait staff looked like the zombies from the Night of The Living Dead so we walked down to the Boat House instead.
Love the Boat House.
We all sat at the bar and chit chatted. Mr. B and I both had a bison burger with pepper jack cheese. Totally should have split the burger. I always order way to much food.
After lunch, we showed Matt and Elizabeth around downtown Steamboat. There are some great antique shops in Steamboat. One of the stores had someones actual front door from Nepal.
We headed back to the house to freshen up and pack a little before dinner. I seriously could get used to this lifestyle. Relax in the morning, adventures in the afternoon, a siesta before dinner, eat and go to bed.
Dinner was at C.V. Bistro. We took Chuck and Susie there back in February and had a great time. Elizabeth is a foodie like me so I knew she would love it!
Always start with bubbles.
We shared a couple of appetizers:
     – oysters
     – tuna tartar
     – pork belly
     – grilled caesar salad
Everyone ordered the salmon but the ribeye with a potato puree had my name written all over it. OMG. Probably the best steak I have ever had.
We also shared a couple of desserts. My favorite, the chocolate peanut butter lava cake. It definitely deserves an Amen.
Tomorrow we head back to Denver. I am sad to leave Steamboat, but I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. 
Good night!