“So much time, and so little to do! Wait. Strike that, reverse it.”

Um, definitely quote of the week.

Wait. Maybe of the month?

Nope. Definitely the year.

Can you believe September 1st is this Thursday? Can you keep a secret? I am freaking stoked because that means fall is here! Yippeeeee!

Alright, where was I…

This week is going to be busy. Even though I have a zillion things to do, it’s all worth it because on Saturday I get to see my good friend Heather walk down the aisle. JAZZ hands.

I also get to see all my sorority sisters as well as my best friend in the entire world, Allie! I haven’t seen her since she was out here in Colorado over the New Year. She is the best. Probably the coolest person I know. Love ya friend.

Needless to say this Labor Day weekend is going to be so fetch.

Anyways, I think I started this busy week off on the right foot. Morning run, check. I don’t know how much longer I am going to be running in the morning because it’s uncomfortably dark outside at 6am, and I still believe in the boogie man. Just ask Mr. B.

Work today was pretty standard.

My outfit for today you have seen before so instead I thought I would share with you some of my old CD’s I found in the Explorer over the weekend.

Check it:

Can you believe my taste in music? Clearly I must have been on drugs. Not really, but what the hell was I thinking?! 2Pac’s greatest hits? What? I was a sixteen year old white girl listening to a dead rapper. That’s weird, right?

I think my favorite part about all of these CD’s are the titles I gave them (complete Pulitzer writing).  I am going to try and go through all them just for grins and giggles. There are probably some obnoxious songs on these CD’s. Any bet’s on what I find?

Once I arrived home from work, I had to shoot for Foodie Fridays and also think about what I am wearing to the wedding. Hmmm……black or black?

For tonight’s dinner I thought I would mix things up. I took the basic structure of the Fork and Knife Burger recipe, but instead of beef, I used ground chicken.

Then I added a couple of ingredients from a Giada recipe to the ground chicken: garlic, rosemary (from the herb pots), and mayo.

I am so glad that Mr. B and I planted herbs at the beginning of summer. I have been using them up like crazy. Plus, I love going to the grocery store and sticking my tongue out at all the packaged herbs. It’s the little things in life.

These burgers were outrageous!

I baked some sweet potatoes to go alongside….whew bessie, now that’s a Monday supper.

Weeds and The Big C coming up next!


P.S. Our “internet’s” are back!