Our Sunday started off in the typical fashion: egg burrito, coffee, catching up on news. The “Internets” are still down at our place. Tomorrow our new modem arrives. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything works.

sunday morning eggs. 

Today was the final stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Tour. It’s like the Tour de France only cooler in my opinion because the riders have had to climb several mountain passes in each stage.

The final stage started this morning in Golden, CO (just 10 minutes west of Denver). Then they had to ride up Look Out Mountain, which is about a 13% incline and then end up back in Denver at the Capital for the finish.

We decided to stroll around downtown and get in on some of the action. First, we stopped at the corner of Speer and Larimer (right by our apartment) and caught the pelaton.

 Here is a quick video our first stop. These guys are wicked fast.

Then we headed up the street towards the capital to try and watch the final laps. We tried to meet up with Listy and Chance, but the crowds were crazy and trying to cross the street was a mess. So we made and executive decision to not meet up.

Mr. B and I found a great spot at Colfax and 14th.

We literally were almost run over by some of the racers. It was epic.

I can’t even describe how cool this event was to witness. Everyone was cheering, people were clanging their cow bells, it was so fun to be a spectator to such an elite race.

Here is another quick video. Mr. B and I were probably a little too close.

Once the race finished we tried to make way to the finish line, but it was a still a mess. We decided to snap a quick picture and then head back to our apartment.

the finish line in front of the capital.
we are loved. 

After the sun and the heat, we met up with Josh and Ashley at the Cherry Cricket for some burgers and beers. They are friends with Mr. B’s parents and they happened to be in town on their way back from Vail. 
We had never met them, but they are a super cute couple. Josh is the golf pro at the Wichita Country Club and Ashely is in marketing.
Definitely will have to hang out with them next time we are in Wichita.
Since we ate so late, no dinner tonight. Just a little wine and some True Blood action.
See ya!