Hello weekend!

You arrived here quickly.

These past two days have been busy.

I started boot camp at Bodies By Perseverance on Thursday night. My friend, Megan, who runs Rock Starz (non-profit professional dance group) was able to get Katie, Listy, Tina and I ten private group training sessions along with a customized nutrition plan.

I plan to share more details next week so stay tuned.

Yesterday was crazy busy. I woke up early and hammered out nine miles, which surprisingly ended up being the best run I have had in a long time. Sa-weet! I am definitely feeling more confident about running the Aspen Half Marathon at the end of September. Wait. Can you believe next weekend is Labor Day? OMG.

After the run, a quick shower, Mr. B picked me up and we headed south.

Welcome the newest member to the Grier household!

who got the keys to the jeep? vroooom….

ain’t she pretty? 
I am so excited about this car. Not only was it simple process to find because we used an auto broker, but she is a diesel. You’re probably wondering why on earth we would get a diesel? Well, for those of you that don’t know a diesel gets better gas mileage (average of 30 miles to the gallon) then a regular car. The engine requires less maintenance and it drives likes a hoss. 
See, doesn’t that make you want to buy a diesel?
In case you were wondering, we sold the Explorer to one of Mr. B’s co-workers. Once we dropped her off and left, we both got really sad. Many memories were made in that car. But we are both relieved that she is going to a loving family.
Since we ran errands all day, we didn’t end up getting home until almost nine.  I made a quick pasta dish for dinner, sipped on a glass of red wine and called it a night. It was a BIG day.
This morning we slept in, which felt flipping fantastic. I could sleep forever on the weekends. We decided to hit up a new brunch spot, called Duo in Highlands.
the duo.
The aesthetic of the restaurant was country rustic, and the tables were set with Anthropologie inspired place settings. Adorable. 
The food was perfection. Organic. Local. Fresh.
We started with some French press coffee.
Followed by freshly baked breads straight from the oven. No butter required.
you can butter my muffin. 
I had the squash scramble with a basil pesto. Freaking delicious.
Afterwards, we ran a few errands, cleaned up the apartment and watched the USA Pro Cycle Challenge on TV. It’s like the Tour de France, but in Colorado. We plan on watching the finish tomorrow because it’s downtown. 
I didn’t feel like cooking tonight so we decided to order out from Gumbo’s. Mr. B and I love Cajun food. I would eat it every day if I could.
My favorite, shrimp poboy sandwich. The creole sauce makes this dish sing. And the fresh chips are to shabby either. 
Now we are settling in to watch Unstoppbable.
Hope you had a great Saturday!