I love the French language and have always been jealous of people who can speak French. You think I would have picked up the language considering that my mom, both of my brothers, and my sister-in-law Kitty speak French. But, no. Yours truly here can’t even ramble off a sentence in Spanish without sounding like a hick.

Maybe I should try Rosetta Stone? Does it even work? The kiosks at the mall where they sell “The Stone” is never busy so I question the results. What do you think?

Okay, I am rambling……a-n-d stop.

Mr. B and I are feeling much better today. Thank you for asking. Even though I didn’t sleep very well last night, it actually worked out in my favor. I am discovering that mini-comas leave me feeling groggy and unmotivated. Es no bueno. I have decided that if I get around seven of hours sleep, I am a happy camper. Anything less then seven hours, and people around me start dropping like flies.

As if recovering from Saturday’s shenanigans isn’t enough, this week we are preparing to head west for Memorial weekend. Did I forget to mention that small detail?

Yep, we are heading to….L.A.!!

We couldn’t be more excited. We are visiting Justin and Lindsey (who are flipping fantastic) along with Max, Listy, Chance and Nick. I swear our Denver village goes everywhere together. The weekend should be fun and relaxing, I seriously can’t wait!
Before I say goodbye, assuming you have read this far, I finally got to do one of my “Denver-Must-Do’s” last night. Mr. B and I decided to take a stroll up to the Highlands for dinner because the weather was gorgeous.
As we walked past Vita I noticed that rooftop wasn’t busy. Usually this place is packed for Happy Hour and you can never find a seat, but last night it was super chill. I looked at Mr. B and tugged on his hoodie and said, “Can we go?” Not really. I just laid down the law and said we were going. I’m hard core that like.
The rooftop over looks downtown.

We decided to share two tapas.

Seven Hour Pork 
We also shared the Ahi Tuna Salad. Very re-freshing!
Next time I want to try their jalapeno martini. Does that not sound delish?
Hope you had a good Monday!