It all started…
6:30 AM – Alarm goes off. Mo-a-n.
6:42 AM – Rollover to cuddle with husband who is soft and warm.
6:58 AM – Peek at alarm clock with one eye open and realize I must adjourn from cuddle session.
7:02 AM – Make way to bathroom to do hair and make-up. 
7:15 AM – Head to kitchen to to make breakfast and pack lunch.
7:16 AM – Bump dresser corner with hip on way to kitchen. Ouch!
7:25 AM – Eat breakfast, check emails, straighten living room, make husband try on new jeans to make sure they fit, charge phone, and wash dishes. 
7:35 AM – Head back to bedroom (dresser corner avoided) to brush teeth.
7:36 AM – Brush teeth next to husband.
7:38 AM – Raid closet for work clothes. Get dressed.
7:45 AM – Start dishwasher, grab purse and lunch bag, kiss adorable husband goodbye.
7:50 AM – Out the door.
8:00 AM – Stop at Starubcks for the usual cup of joe. Say hi to my Sbux friends. 
8:06 AM – Bored faux mall shuttle with a plethora of people wearing shape-ups.
8:08 AM – Stare at an intoxicated bum.
8:09 AM – Stare at a Big Gulp.
8:12 AM – Arrive at bus station. Think to self: Why does it smell like a giant litter box?
8:13 AM – Lady with cat walks by. LOL.
8:25 AM – Bored bus.
8:27 AM – Check Twitter. Read man’s newspaper sitting in front of me. Look down when he discovers that I was reading his newspaper. Back to Twitter.
8:40 AM – Arrive at work.
10:02 AM – Work.
11:30 AM – Work some more.
12:30 PM – Oh yeah, lunch. Nom, nom, nom. 
1:00 PM – Finish lunch. Text husband: I love you.
1:01 PM – Receive text back from husband: Love you too.
1:07 PM – Eat dessert. Three would have been better. 
1:10 PM – Work. Email. 
3:55 PM – Work. Daydream of Laguna beach. Wipe drool.
5:00 PM – Exit work place.
5:35 PM – Bored bus. Say hello to bus driver.
5:50 PM – Arrive back downtown. Rain again? Zip up rain jacket and place hood over head.
6:00 PM – Walk into Victoria Secret to buy a strapless bra. Swarmed by sales people. No, I don’t need new underwear, just the bra. No, I don’t need any Pink items, just the bra.
6:05 PM – Decapitations avoided. Strapless bra purchased.
6:08 PM – Enter Forever 21. Immediately question my sanity and age. 
6:10 PM – Purchase top for L.A. trip. Hooray for $12 clothing!
6:15 PM – Stop at ATM for some Benjamin’s
6:30 PM – Open apartment door with key. 
6:35 PM – Contemplate doing hot yoga or going for a run.
6:38 PM – Unload dishwasher. Groan the entire 3 minutes.
6:42 PM – Check emails, blog sites and weather. Peek my head inside refrigerator. Unload clothes from dryer.
6:50 PM – Husband walks through apartment door.
6:51 PM – Give husband kiss on cheek. Ask how his day went.
6:54 PM – Decide a quick run outside is needed. Whine to husband about having to put a long sleeve shirt on when it’s May.
6:55 PM – Husband facial look…blank.

7:00 PM – Out the door again.
7:40 PM – Run successful.
7:43 PM – Stretch and check emails at the same time.
7:48 PM – Continue stretching due to lack of concentration.

8:20 PM – Devour dinner. Mmmmmm.
8:30 PM – Watch season finale of Glee. Epic. 
9:00 PM – Write another to-do list for the week.
9:01 PM – Realize that tomorrow is my last class for Voice-Over. Tear.
9:20 PM – Hop into shower. Decide I need new shampoo.
9:40 PM – Crawl into bed with the Ipad and catch up Social Media. 
10:30 PM – Lights out.

How was your Tuesday?