Indulge in a culinary symphony with our signature dish—seared sesame ahi tuna naan nachos with avocado wasabi cream. Enhanced by the zing of pickled ginger, this fusion sensation promises unmatched taste and satisfaction.

seared sesame ahi tuna naan nachos with avocado wasabi cream & pickled ginger

The aisles are filling up.

Practically spilling over with vibrant Lisa Frank stickers, jubilee of pens, and perfectly lined notebook paper.

I realize it’s only July 21st.

But homie don’t care.

I might be the only one sans child who gets giddy-slap-happy-wants-to-break-down-wear-a-flavor-flav-clock-around-her-neck-shout-from-the-rooftop-while-organizing-her-trapper-keeper excited that back to school supplies are in the his-ouse. If that visual doesn’t do it justice for you, watch this video. It explains everything.

ahi tuna

I walked by the back to school supply section at Target last week and my heart nearly burst from my chest. I might have mouth breathed for a moment (how embarrassing) while ooooooooohhhhh-ing and aaaaaaaahhhhh-ing in my inner monologue about how I need to upgrade every lapiz in my pencil collection.

Forget washboard abs and big ol’ biceps, school supplies are sexier. I swear Mr. B could have proposed with a bouquet of pencils and I would have said, “YES!”

Is it hot in here?

seared sesame ahi tuna naan nachos with avocado wasabi cream & pickled ginger

Anyways, rather than spend my time fiddling farting about what to make for dinner, when I would rather be dreaming about the possibility of upgrading my pencils back to Lisa Frank status, I wanted something tasty with 10 steps or less. Enter, these Ahi Tuna Naan Nachos. It sounds a little bonkers like buying Christmas decorations in July (you know who you are!) , but trust me, these nachos are refreshing and bursting with flavor.

The key is in the tuna. Buy fresh, pink tuna steaks and sear them on high heat for about four minutes. The way to tell when they are done, the white lines on the side turn really white. All you do is flip and slice. Plus, the buttery naan with the tender tuna, there are no words. Except, put some pickled ginger on it!

seared sesame ahi tuna naan nachos with avocado wasabi cream & pickled ginger

Elevate your dining experience with the fusion perfection of seared sesame ahi tuna naan nachos, complemented by the creamy indulgence of avocado wasabi cream. Pure delight in every mouthful.