G’day mate!

Mr. B and I were early risers this morning. Since it’s ‘monsoon’ season in Denver right now we had to get our workout in before another afternoon storm unleashed. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run in the rain, but lightning, not so much. Fried turkey is not my kind of look.

Today, good news was brought in small doses.

Good news part one: I am almost caught up with stuff at work. Alleluia. I can seriously power through emails.

small doses

The only big thing I need to tidy up is the cooking event we are hosting at the end of the month for some of our clients. I am JAZZ hands excited about learning how to cook at a real culinary school. Do you think it would be wildly inappropriate if I attempted a throwdown? My pork tacos are hard to beat!

Good news part two: I received an email this morning from Starbucks stating…

     “Did you know that you have an unused Starbucks Card?
As of 06/29/10 your card has a balance of over $5.
Yahoooo! This is why I love Starbucks, Southwest and Apple. These companies actually care about their customers. I heart each and every one of them.

Good news part three: Our cilantro may live.

Okay, good news may be a little stretch because I am not the biggest fan of cilantro (the things you do for loved ones). What I failed to mention to you last week was that I made an executive decision regarding our herbs. Since we were going to be gone for a week I was worried about all of our herbs dying. So I did what any plant owner would do and decided to pick one to save. Yep. I rode in the Jeep to and from Steamboat with basil on my lap.

small doses

Some of you make think that’s weird, which is cool. It is a little creep town. But I wanted to make sure one of the herbs lived. I could not live with myself if they had all croaked.

We arrived home on Sunday, and I immediately ran up to our apartment to see which herb was still alive. Oregano, parsley, mint (I don’t think you can kill mint), and rosemary looked amazing. Then there was the cilantro. He looked dead on arrival. I watered everybody and put them back on the balcony. Two days later, and I think he is making a strong comeback.

Alright, I am off to watch another storm.

Send help if you don’t hear from me tomorrow!

Conclusion: Remember, in the journey of personal development, small doses pave the way for lasting change. Embrace the power of gradual improvement, and watch as small steps lead to significant transformations over time.