Oh how I have missed the Muffin’s.

We missed last week’s game because we were on vacation in Steamboat with Mr. B’s family.  I am happy to report that we did win (thanks Listy for the update!) 

I was a little worried about the game being cancelled tonight. Right around 3pm, dark heavy clouds started to creep in from the west. The weather forecast called for 80% chance of storms this afternoon. Since we live in Colorado, I usually give the weatherman about a 30% accuracy rating because the weather changes so drastically.

I ended up having to ride my bike to the game because Mr. B needed the Jeep. My bike ride to the game wasn’t bad, but the clouds that I thought had moved north were now marinating over our kickball field. Plus, there was the ever so pleasant lightning bolts to make us feel real safe.

Even though it had started to rain and there was lightning all around us, the refs said, game on! Okay, Wayne.  We were the visiting team so Cook kicked first and got on base. Then Katie kicked and got on base but was tagged out at second.  Good start.  Next was Mr. York with a base hit and then Listy got on base.  Then Max was up and kicked a home run!  Then came the Griers…  Out and out.  Inning over. So much for the first inning rally.

We took the field for probably a minute when the ref called the game. This was the only picture I took of the game because it was raining pretty good.

We played only one inning against It’s the Cobra, but we won! 
After the ref called the game, Mr. B and I jumped in the Jeep because it was pouring. Damn you weather man and your 80% prediction! 
Instead of Moe’s for our usual post game celebration, we headed to Old Chicago.
I haven’t been to an Old Chicago in over a year. I forgot how many beers are on tap. Did you ever do the world beer tour? I think I tried it once, but then forgot about it. Or maybe it was because I tried to use a fake i.d. and got caught. Hmmm. 
I was glad to catch up with everyone. I really love our village. 
We all shared an appetizer and split two whole pizza pies. I ordered a salad alongside because I needed something green. My body has been craving vegetables lately, which is probably a good thing since I just got back from a make shift booze cruise last weekend. 
Mr. B and I headed home just in time before another huge storm hit. Seriously, what’s up with these storms?!
Mr. B took a quick pick of the storm right before a torrential downpour. 
I am off to bed. 
Still trying to catch up on sleep from last week’s vacation. 
See ya!