Fancy meeting you here.

How was your weekend?

After last nights shenanigans, Mr. B and I were hurting this morning. I didn’t sleep very well and Mr. B woke up with a sore throat and major drainage. Poor guy. I hate when he is sick because he gets this sad, puppy dog face going on and my heart just breaks.

Instead of dragging his sick butt to a restaurant for brunch, I ordered in!

Mona’s to go.

I had an omelet with pepper jack cheese, ham and onions. Alongside, a HUGE cup of coffee, toast and homefries.
The food was okay. Ordering out is really not the same as eating in the restaurant, but it was nice to not have to cook and eat in our p.j’s.
Our afternoon was pretty quiet.
Mr. B downed some DayQuil, Green Tea, and rested, while I ran a couple of errands and worked around the apartment.
Then we watched a ridiculous amount of T.V….
– The Hurt Locker : fantastic…it won a ton of Oscar’s last year.
– Restaurant Impossible…new addiction.
– The Green Hornet…probably the worst Seth Rogan movie.
– The Other Guys…where do I begin? just awful.
– Ricky Geravis: Out of England 2….his bit on Noah’s Ark is hysterical.
I don’t think I have watched that much television since college. God, I miss it.
For dinner, I decided to cook some comfort food for the sick hubby.
Chicken Noodle Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Serves 6
– chicken drumsticks
– celery
– carrots
– garlic
– bay leaf
– chicken stock
– salt and pepper
– whole wheat egg noodles
– Bring 8 cups of chicken stock to boil with a bay leaf in a large pot.
– Place five chicken drumsticks in pot and boil for 40 minutes.
– While chicken is cooking, saute carrots, celery, onion and garlic until soft.
– When chicken is done, pull the chicken out and let it cool. Then pull chicken off the bone and place it back into the pot along with vegetables.
– Bring back to a boil, add noodles.
– Once noodles are cooked, assemble bowls.
The grilled cheese was mighty tasty.
In the mix: smoked mozzarella, mayo, caramelized onions, granny apple slices, and arugula.
Mr. B said the apple was the best part. Well, and the gooey cheese.
Off to watch the Emmy’s.
Can you believe a new season of Glee starts in a week?! JAZZ HANDS!
See ya!
QUESTION of THE DAY: What is your favorite comfort food to eat when you’re sick?