Whewwwwww bessie, it was a scorcher today!

No, really.

The Jeep temperature read 125 degrees when I left from work. Holy heat Batman!

stud muffins vs fusionbox

I am pretty sure even Lucifer turned on his air conditioning today.

My day began at 6am with a four mile run because there was no way I was running later in the blistering heat (love when I’m right). This wasn’t my best run because I wanted to get back to the apartment and spend time with Mr. B before he left.

Even though my run wasn’t spectacular, I was glad to get it done. Plus, I witnessed a beautiful sunrise.

stud muffins vs fusionbox

Mr. B left for the armpit of America again and I pray that everything gets fixed this time. I always get really sad when he leaves because sometimes we don’t know when he will actually return. Keep your fingers crossed that he will return on Saturday!

Thank goodness I have the Denver village to keep me distracted with things like kickball!

Nothing like beer, friends, and a competitive sport to keep your mind occupied.

Tonight we played Fusionbox.

Is peach your color?
stud muffins vs fusionbox
They weren’t very good. In fact, I named them the ‘bless your heart’ team because one of their players actually ran to third base when he kicked the ball. It was fantastic. Seriously, it made my day. For a second I thought this could be a really fun game.
But then this mother trucker got all jacked up on Mountain Dew. He kicked the ball down the third base line (ran to first) and then made a run for second base. Well, he accidentally ran into Elizabeth who was playing second (for the record she was not standing in the base line) and then we tagged him out. He got PISSED and threw the ball at her face.
I thought Matt (her husband) was going to lose it. Matt immediately asked the guy, “What the hell is your problem? I think you owe my wife an apology.” The guy took one look at Matt and realized he didn’t stand a chance so he apologized and walked away.
Wise decision if you ask me.
Don’t do the Dew…
After his graceful exit, I had to sneak in a couple shots of my favorite muffin…
Hi Chance!
Sorry Listy! Your son is positively the cutest thing on the planet, especially when he wears his Stud Muffin onesie and the baby converses we gave him.
The game didn’t last very long. I think it was 12-0 by the third or fourth inning.
So we boozed and relaxed.
stud muffins vs fusionbox
stud muffins vs fusionbox
After the game instead of heading to Moe’s, we decided to hit up Benny’s for a salty marg and Mexican food. They have the best chips and salsa.
stud muffins vs fusionbox
While we were at Benny’s, the girls talked about doing a quick getaway trip this fall. Did you know that the western slope of Colorado has wineries? Yep, yep.  Can’t wait!
Next up, Kevin’s 30th birthday party at Lola’s on Thursday. Told you this crowd can keep me entertained:)
P.S. You’re looking at my 300th post!
Conclusion: “As the dust settles on the stud muffins vs FusionBox showdown, taste buds rejoice in the diverse array of flavors experienced. Whether you prefer classic comfort or bold fusion, there’s a winner for every palate.”