I have good news and I have bad news. Let’s start with the bad news first. We lost. Again. Double Boo. We have played Snacks on Snacks before in the summer league, only they weren’t Snacks on Snacks they were the Sex Pandas.We won every time we played them. But this time, it was different. They changed their name and apparently went to Gold’s Gym and did some serious recruiting, and came out with these guys:

” We want to PUMP, you UP.”
(source: Google images)
“I am Buffed, Beautiful, and Bitchin’.”
(source: Google images)
Need I say more. It wasn’t the best game we played, but what can you do when your opponent is double your size?
Okay, now for the good news! We are officially sponsored!Yep, that’s right, Stud Muffins are a Semi-Pro team. Who you ask would sponsor a kickball team? None other, than Moe’s BBQ on Broadway.
Our sponsor…….
Hmmmm….what to order….
Nothing like a cold beer and a round of bean bags to forget about a loss…..
Here are the recent standings for the Sunken Garden Kickball League:
  • Cleats & Cleavage – 9 pts
  • Stud Muffins – 8 pts – So…close!
  • Snacks on Snacks – 5 pts
  • PBR Me ASAP – 4 pts
  • Smack My Pitch Up – 4 pts
  • Swamp Donkey’s – 2 pts
  • Pitches Be Crazy – 0 pts