Another summer weekend complete!

A girl could get used to these ya know.

Before I dish about our weekend activities, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there in the world. Thank you for listening, fixing the leaky kitchen sink, and grilling up delicious barbecue treats. Life would not be the same without you!

Since my father lives in Kansas City, and I couldn’t be with him today, I made him a virtual Father’s Day dinner for Foodie Fridays. Dad, how was the steak? Did you get my card? Hope you know how much I love ya!

Friday I spent the afternoon shooting and prepping for cocktail week. Remember salad week? Same concept just with booze. A few other fantastic bloggers and I will be showcasing their favorite summer cocktails all week! It’s gonna get CRA-zy. A week of nothing but giggle juice….I’m tipsy just thinking about.

Saturday I woke up bright and early to meet Listy in Wash Park for our seven mile run. Week two of marathon training has not been wonderful. I’ve felt exhausted all week and can’t seem to muster up enough energy to get anything done. I know these things happen, but it’s still frustrating. All I can say is thank the God for running partners because without Listy, I probably wouldn’t have completed the seven miles.

After our run, I headed home to shower and grab a breakfast sandwich at Backcountry Provisions. Egg sandwich with avocado, tomato, and lettuce never tasted so good.


And then it was back to Wash Park for a little volleyball action mixed with some chilaxing!

I could have spent all day hanging with the village at the park, but Mother Nature had other plans. Around 2pm we had to pack it in because an afternoon storm was approaching. Rats.
The good news, the storm didn’t last long and by 6pm, it was sunny again and perfect for an evening stroll with Mr. B around our apartment. I love early evening walks with the hubs. For some reason it makes me think back to my childhood when our family would go on bike rides after dinner. I have very fond memories of racing my brothers on my hot pink Barbie bike while my parents giggled at us. I won every time. Right, Dad? 
With our bellies full of summer heat, Mr. B and I weren’t starving for dinner. Instead we poured ourselves a beer and split a bison burger from the Wazee Supper Club down the street. Our entertainment for the evening, Modern Family. Is this show not hysterical? I love Eric Stonestreet. 

Today we slept in. Praise the Lord. I don’t think I moved an inch all night, which is cool with me because I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to ninja kick this Sunday.

Once we were appropriate looking, we hopped on the bike and cruised over to Platte Park for breakfast.

I have heard good things about the Duffey Roll Cafe, but never been. Mr. B and I split their zesty orange glazed cinnamon roll. Holy sugar tastyness. 11/10 for sure. 
Mr. B ordered the pastrami egg sandwich, and I, the bacon slayer. Both were delicious, but the star was definitely the homemade rosemary focaccia bread. Need to make ASAP.
After our foodie indulgence, we strolled down the street to the Pearl Street Farmers Market. 
I don’t know if we arrived late or what, but every time we go to this Farmers Market there’s hardly any produce. We see a ton of plants to pot, handmade soaps, and food trucks, but no fresh produce. Eh, what can you do. If anything, it was nice to be among the Sunday morning crowd. 
With the rest of the afternoon wide open, Mr. B and I decided to take in a quick hike at Red Rocks. The last time I hiked this trail was over a year ago with Listy, Chance, and Megan. It’s crazy to think that it’s only 20 minutes away from downtown Denver, and yet, I hardly ever go. Shame on me.
Anyway, Mr. B and I hiked for two hours on the red dirt trail and had a blasty-blast. 
After our hike, we drove north to Rocky Mountain Metro airport. You’ve probably seen in the news this past week about the High Park Fires in Fort Collins. So far the fire has burned over 55,000 acres. I didn’t know this, but Rocky Mountain Metro airport has a designated section just for the US Forrest Service planes. 
We watched two planes land, refuel, and takeoff in less than 15 minutes. I wish commercial flights were that smooth. Geesh. I thought we would be the only nerdy ones out there watching the planes, but I was wrong. I don’t know if Father’s Day had something to do with it or what, but it was busy. 
In case you were wondering, Nicholas Cage was no where to be seen. 

And that’s a wrap!

Catch you on the flip side.