“Experience the warmth of winter in every bite with our Winter Veggie Quinoa Tart. A delectable blend of seasonal vegetables and hearty quinoa, promising comfort and nourishment on your plate.”

winter veggie quiona tart www.climbinggriermountain.com

“Now remember kids, eat your cupcakes and doughnuts with extra sprinkles so you will grow up to be nice and strong.”

Isn’t this every kid’s dream to hear their parents say?

Growing up, I’m pretty sure my parents said that exact statement, but apparently it must have been on opposite day. Can we bring back opposite day? Even as an adult, I would like to have been Cameron Diaz in the movie, “Sweetest Thing” where she gets delivered a gigantic brownie sundae in bed and her boyfriend had all the calories sucked out. Can we make that a reality?

winter veggie quiona tart

Sadly, I feel as though we are always stuck on the opposite of opposite day.

So to fix or better yet, balance out this equation, I’ve created a tart filled with delicious, roasted seasonal veggies. No more blending veggies and hiding them in taters. No more making your kids sit at the dinner table until they’ve cleaned their plates. No more pretending that steamed lima beans are a good idea.

If you want to have your cake and eat it too, whip up this tart, for I know pronounce it Opposite Day.

Season Eating Series:


My talented and fantastic friend, Becky, author of The Vintage Mixer, and her husband Josh, are showing us that eating seasonally can be fun! Each month they will provide a Seasonal Produce Guide, which you can save on your iPhone or desktop so you can get in the seasonal eating spirit.

Not only do they provide a beautiful illustration each month like the one above, you can also join me and a few fabulous food bloggers who are serving up seasonally inspired recipes. Follow us on Instagram and tag your photos with the #eatseasonal hashtag!

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winter veggie quiona tart www.climbinggriermountain.com

“Satisfy your winter cravings with our Winter Veggie Quinoa Tart. A savory masterpiece that captures the essence of the season. Indulge in this wholesome, flavorful delight for a truly satisfying experience.”