Don’t be sad it’s over, smile because it happened. ” – Dr. Seuss

I think this quote sums up the 2012 Olympic games to the tee. Even though I am sad I won’t be able to watch beach volleyball, gymnastics, or synchronized swimming like it’s my job, I am looking forward to getting back to a somewhat normal routine. Over the past two weeks, Mr. B and I have parked our butts in front of the TV every night and watched at least 12 hours of coverage. All I can say, thank goodness for tivo.

With the closing ceremonies this evening, Mr. B and I were trying to think of which moments were our favorites. We both agreed on the women’s 4 x100 relay. Those ladies were crazy fast! Also, watching Katie Ledkey win a gold medal at the ripe ol’ age of 15 as well as David Boudia wining gold on the 10 meter platform. And how can you forget about Oscar making it through the first 400 heat? Mo and Rupp taking first and second in the 10k, or the entire British cycling team – on the road AND on the track.  Like Boris said, the English are best at sitting sports.

In my opinion, I thought London was a fantastic host, and thank the Lord nothing crazy happened! So, how long until Rio?

Okay, besides bidding adieu to the Olympics, I was able to squeeze in a couple of things this weekend.

On Friday I spent most of the day prepping for this upcoming week. We are heading to Table Rock Lake on Wednesday to be with my family and it’s #CrepeWeek, people. GET.EXCITED!

I laid low on Friday night because I had a big run on Saturday morning with Listy. Seriously, October 7th needs to get here right meow!

Saturday I picked up Listy at the butt crack of dawn. By the way, it’s dark now at 6am! Fall will be here before you know it. We headed south of the city to High Line Canal where I did a majority of my long runs when I was training for the Big D last April. It’s a dirt trail that is extremely flat, and goes on for miles. What more could you want as a runner?

I plan to cover more details in my recap tomorrow, but for now all I will say, running 15 miles was far easier than running 13. Trust me.

Other than stretching and relaxing, my afternoon was pretty quiet. I spent a majority of the afternoon searching for places to live. Unfortunately, nothing has caught our eye yet, but I think once we get closer to September 1st things will start to pop up. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

With nothing on the agenda for the evening, we decided to order pizza for dinner, drink some beer, and watch the Olympics.

Get in my belly!

Today was another relaxing day. We ventured over to Stella’s for brunch and sat outside on the patio. I don’t think that’s happened since May!  The weather couldn’t have been better.

I ordered the smoked trout with red peppers, onion, bacon, two poached eggs, and fried leeks. I was craving salt like a mother trucker. I’m pretty sure these long runs are depleting my sodium storage even though I’m hydrating.

After brunch, I still had some prep work to do for the week, and I wanted to watch the men’s marathon. So sad that the only American to finish ended up in 4th place! I know it’s still awesome, but we really wanted to see Meb go out with a bronze.

Before dinner, Mr. B and I went for a stroll around the neighborhood. It was nice to move the legs and breathe in some fresh air. Things have just been bonkers lately and these walks help us connect and strategize on how as a couple we can overcome these huge life waves. When did life get so complicated?

Dinner was quick. I threw some flank steak into a crock pot this morning via this recipe. A major high-five goes to Jenna for another finger licking good recipe!

And that my friends is a wrap! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Catch you on the flip side!