“Sip on the tantalizing flavors of a blood orange whiskey negroni, a modern take on a timeless cocktail.”

blood orange whiskey negroni www.climbinggriermountain.com

On the road again.

Well, actually in the air again.

I am headed west to my neighboring state, Utah, for a fun girls ski weekend getaway at Deer Valley. This will be my third time visiting this resort. The first to attend the Inspired Blogger Retreat and the second with my main slice, Mr.B.

As a skier and a foodie, I like to think of Deer Valley as my little mecca. So to be going back with a gaggle of my best mates (Annalise, Megan, Meagan, Erin, Liz, and Becky) to ski, drink wine, and eat, is icing on the cake!


But, before we kick off this super-fun weekend, I need to arm y’all with a cocktail. While traveling in Japan, we learned about a famous, or should I say “world’s best whiskey”, The Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey.

Yamazaki is made in Kyoto about 3 hours from Toyko. The reason for it’s world title and perfection is the purity of the water says the Suntory distillery. And after roaming the streets of Tokyo with 25 million plus people and never spotting a single piece of trash on the ground, I would believe it.

The Japanese say the best way to drink this whiskey is straight up, which I totally respect. But. To keep the hair on my chest at a minimum, I need a little fluff with my whiskey. Enter this, Blood Orange Whiskey Negroni. I am smitten with this cocktail. You can still taste the rich, musky whiskey, but add a splash of blood orange and Campari, it’s like fruity whiskey heaven!

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Have a great weekend!

blood orange whiskey negroni www.climbinggriermountain.com

Conclusion: “Elevate your drinking experience with the vibrant hues and bold flavors of a blood orange whiskey negroni.”