“Embrace the bold flavors of red eye gravy oatmeal with fried egg and chorizo. This hearty breakfast combines savory and comforting elements for a delightful morning indulgence.”

red eye gravy oatmeal with fried egg & chorizo

The unintentional honk.

Is there anything worse?

One single, accidental push against the steering wheel and within seconds you have sixteen sets of eyeballs intensely staring at you with rage. Every single person sitting within your car’s radius thinks you honked at them……only, you didn’t.


You immediately begin apologizing through weird gestures that no one will understand because your car doesn’t come with subtitles. The more you throw up your hands and slowly say, “I’mmmmm…..soooooooorrrryyyyy….I maaaaaaadeeee a misssssstakkkkke” is when folks start to get real concerned and continue to stare.

The gestures continue thinking to yourself that someone has been here before and knows the unintentional honk sign language. Finally, the light turns green, folks turn away, press on the gas, and your Oscar performance is now a distant memory. You think to yourself, “MOTHER TRUCKER as you gather yourself. Next time, I’ll just stare back.”

eggs and tomato

So, to cope with your unintentional honk this Monday morning, I’ve made a savory, delicious breakfast. There are zero hand gestures involved so you can put those away. All you need is some egg, oatmeal, chorizo, and tomato juice. For those of you not familiar with the red eye gravy, it’s your usual gravy suspects with the addition of tomato juice and coffee if you like.

Pour the gravy over some chorizo oatmeal and slap an egg on it, boom! Breakfast of road warrior champions.

Red Eye Gravy Oatmeal with Fried Egg & Chorizo www.climbinggriermountain.com

Conclusion: “Start your day right with the comforting goodness of red eye gravy oatmeal with fried egg and chorizo, a satisfying and flavorful breakfast option.”