“Embark on a flavorful journey with our tempting creation—Chili Cheese Parsnip Fries. A twist on the classic, these fries redefine the art of snacking with a bold and savory kick.”



I’m back.

For a bit.

Did I mention I head back to Kansas City on Friday for a wedding? Yep, Yep. Another good friend is getting married and since I would never miss the chance to see my cute little niece, Josie, we are Kansas City bound on Friday. But for right now, it feels good to be back in Denver.


I had a blasty-blast of a time in the Bahamas catching up with old friends, sitting on the beach with fruity cocktails, and watching one of my good friends get married. I definitely want to go back with Mr. B and do a little scuba diving action. The water was so clear and WARM. Plus, even though I was only there for four days, it really is a quick getaway so if traveling to Mexico makes you want to pee your pants the Bahamas is a great option.

Anyways, as I play catch up and get ready to turnaround again this week, I thought I would distract y’all with these chili cheese parsnip fries. Do you ever have those moments, where you are thinking that watching paint dry sounds more fun than doing the plank a day challenge and then all of a sudden you have a mad craving for chili cheese fries? No? Just me? Fantastic.

chili cheese parsnip fries

I had one of those moments a couple of weeks ago. I was actually doing a planking exercise at eleven o’clock at night, and all of a sudden I wanted to eat chili cheese fries at the same time. Eating chili cheese fries while planking es no bueno, so what’s a girl to do?

Well, I figured the best way to satisfy both worlds is to offer a different option. Why not make chili cheese parsnip fries? It’s totally a win-win healthier situation. Bake some parsnips, warm up some chili, and top with cheese. I’m telling you, this version of the chili cheese fries is not scandalous compared to it’s Outback friend and won’t set you back a single bit.

Who says you can’t have your fries and plank too?

chili cheese parsnip fries

“Conclude your snacking adventure with the irresistible allure of Chili Cheese Parsnip Fries. A delicious twist that leaves your taste buds enchanted and craving more.”