“Delight in decadence with our Chocolate Brownies, crowned with indulgent peppermint icing. A harmonious blend that transforms each bite into a sweet symphony.”

27 days.

Twenty-seven days until a jolly old fellow fits magically down our fireplaces and delivers presents to all the good boys and girls.

Is it me, or did the countdown to Christmas come out of nowhere? One minute I was basting a turkey for the 342nd time and the next, I’m hanging Christmas ornaments like it’s my job. Either time has no relevance or the transition from one holiday to another ceases to exist. Riddle me that Santa.

I wish time would sloooooooow down. For just a couple of nano seconds. I feel that everything is always hurry up and go. Email this, clean that. I really shouldn’t complain because I’m one of those people that the more you get done in a day the better you feel. But after this past week, even my OCD quirks need a break.

I really want to enjoy the holidays. I want sip hot peppermint cocoa by a warm fire while listening to Burl Ives sing “Silver and Gold.” I want to host a Christmas dinner for all of my friends and family to show my appreciation for their love and support. I want to give back to the community by serving food at a Soup Kitchen. This year I want to GIVE.

chocolate brownies with peppermint icing

And my giving will start by making y’all these chocolate brownies with peppermint icing. Holy Holidays, friends. Not only are these brownies made with the best chocolate-y syrup in the world, but they are covered in knock-your-aprons-off peppermint icing. Trust me, you’ll want to shove your face in this holiday dessert. Just ask Santa.

chocolate brownies with peppermint icing

 “Conclude your sweet journey with Chocolate Brownies and Peppermint Icing—a heavenly treat that leaves a lasting impression, satisfying your cravings with every delightful bite.”