farmers market ramen

If you build it, they will come.

They really isn’t the right word.

It should say, “he will come.” But then that’s a whole lot of “that’s what she said jokes” and I’m trying to keep this blog PG-13 & 1/2.

Currently, Mr. B is putting the final touches on our new master bedroom closet.


In the time that we have been married, we have only rented so this whole home ownership is a new adventure. When we discussed what we wanted the closet to look like since it’s an open space, we both agreed that the industrial pipe look was our fav. Our first project together and we both agreed. Why didn’t we move into a home sooner?

farmers market ramen

So, I immediately googled “where to buy industrial pipe closet making kit for super cheap that you can build in five minutes.” Google was confused as was I because every search kept circling back to DIY, blah, blah. While I was frustrated with Google, Mr. B was busy using Auto CAD to design the closet and building a list of supplies to make the mother trucking closet.

farmers market ramen

Well, fast forward a week and we have made 87 trips to Home Depot. I have learned to cut pipe, thread pipe, de-grease pipe, cut wood, stain wood, and clean up pipe shavings. Even though we have been dressing in the living room for the past month (sorry neighbors!), I am happy to say if the Apocalypse were to go down, I could at least build a fortress out of pipe.

And now for the big reveal! What do you think? It does need clothes and some touch up paint, but I loved the way it turned out. Much more open and functional then the IKEA closet from the previous owner. Also, the wood we used for the shelves is Colorado Beetle Kill Pine. #highfive


What does this have to do with ramen? Jack diddly squat. Actually, that’s not completely true. I did think of this recipe while sweeping up pipe shavings. I had a bit of wanderlust and started day dreaming about Japan mixed with the thought of summer ending. Thus, Farmers Market Ramen was born.

This Farmers Market Ramen is exactly what it states. Local veggies sautéed and tossed into noodles is the perfect way to slurp summer down. Or slurp summer in? Or slurp it up?

That’s what she said.


farmers market ramen

Conclude your culinary journey with Farmers Market Ramen—a symphony of locally sourced freshness in every savory slurp. Elevate your bowl and savor the essence of the vibrant market finale.