Welcome to a market-fresh delight, our Farmer’s Market Thin Crust Pizza with Burrata & Chicken Sausage. Indulge in the perfect blend for an unforgettable pizza experience.

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We’re friends, right?

(please say yes, or this post just got all kinds of awkward city USA.)

I need some advice.


Pros and cons, if you will.

So, Mr. B and I have had many round-about conversations about getting a four-legged creature. I know, I know. The world is not ending, I assure you. The conversation usually comes up after seeing a neighbor walk their dog and noticing how much the dog looks like the owner. From there it turns into what dog best resembles us. Mr. B leans towards the big dogs, like a mastiff or an Irish Wolf hound. Have you seen those truckers? They are the size of TEXAS. Yours truly likes medium to smaller dogs like a French Bulldog or a Corgi.

After our discussion of the type of dog we like or resemble, the conversation immediately turns towards general maintenance:

Yours Truly: “Babe, do you really want to clean up prehistoric size poop with a plastic bag?”
Mr. B: “Babe, don’t you want something huge to protect you while I’m gone? Also, there are 248 French bulldogs in our neighborhood!”
Yours Truly: “Babe, I can’t walk something that weighs more than me. What if it eats a small child?!”
Mr. B, “Babe, don’t you want something that is active and playful?”
Yours truly: “Hmmmmm…..I do. But I also want something that likes to cuddle, has cute ears, and that people will smile at. I don’t want to have the “whamp, whamp dog.”

And that’s where we stop.

We’ll pick it up again on our next walk. But, I thought I would ask, what are your thoughts? What should we get? Before you answer, let me pull this farmer’s market pizza out of the oven. You didn’t think we would have this discussion on empty stomach? What are friends for?

Crazy to think summer is almost over so I thought I would use up all the fresh veggies – zucchini, corn, and grape tomatoes before Labor Day hits and it’s all about pumpkin. Pile all the veggies on a golden crust and top with burrata and chicken sausage. Have mercy. Here, let me cut you a slice.

Now, about the dog situation….

In conclusion, savor farmer’s market thin crust pizza with burrata & chicken sausage —where market-fresh goodness and savory indulgence converge for an unparalleled and memorable culinary journey.