Embark on a Southern culinary journey with our exquisite beer-braised shrimp & grits, perfectly complemented by the seasonal vibrancy of summer succotash. Indulge in a symphony of bold flavors and textures.

beer braised shrimp & grits with summer succotash

Looney Tunes quotes.

What are your favorites?

Is it the famous, “What’s up doc?” from Bugs Bunny? Or, “Quiet, I’m hunting wabbits? from Elmer Fudd? My personal favorite, “Boy, you look like two miles of bad road” from Foghorn Leghorn. But maybe, it’s “Suffering succotash” from Sylvester the cat.

shrimp and grits

By the way, a fun little factoid, “suffering succotash” actually has nothing to do with the famous Southern dish comprised of corn and lima beans. It’s a euphemism developed to mask profanity. Because what six year-old wants to hear a cat yell “MOTHER F&*@KER when chasing a mouse. Am I right?

Even though I am disappointed that Sylvester wasn’t hungry for some actual succotash, I do appreciate Looney Tunes looking out for me and keeping the swear jar at least half empty growing up. So, to keep our bellies from grumbling, let’s talk succotash real quick.


Succotash was actually popular during the Great Depression because so many ingredients for common dishes were in short supply. Succotash is traditionally made with corn, lima beans, tomatoes, or peppers. Well, I am not the biggest fan of lima beans, so I swapped them for edamame and added cilantro, too. This summer succotash is like a Southern-Asian-Mexican smash-up. Is that even a thing? I plopped the succotash on some spicy grits with beer braised shrimp, it’s like a MOTHER F*&@ING Looney Tunes approved weekend dish.

Sans the profanity, of course.

beer braised shrimp & grits with summer succotash

In summary, beer-braised shrimp & grits with summer succotash is a culinary masterpiece that harmonizes Southern flavors. The blend of succulent shrimp, hearty grits, and vibrant succotash creates a symphony of tastes, capturing the essence of Southern cuisine with every satisfying bite.