Immerse yourself in the vibrant notes of our Boulder Street Bourbon Spritz, enhanced with the zesty essence of fresh limes. A tantalizing cocktail that promises a harmonious fusion of flavors.

boulder street bourbon spritz with fresh limes

Summer in the mountains.


Don’t tell anyone, but I actually prefer summer mountain activities over winter. GASP!. I know, I know. Mr. B might shank me for saying that out loud, but it’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow skiing and sitting next to a fire on a cold night. But. You seriously can’t beat hiking, biking, camping, floating down the river in an inner tube with a brewsky in hand, and fly fishing. Am I right?

boulder street bourbon spritz with fresh limes

Plus, let’s not forget the most important reason why summer in the mountains is the best: FREE air conditioning, yo. A girl can only handle so much boob sweat!

Anyways, this weekend we are finally headed up to the mountains because our good friends Ben and Megan are getting married in Vail. Hooray! The Denver Village is beyond pumped that these two are getting hitched. Tonight should be full of all sorts of shenanigans so be sure to follow along on Instagram!

Now, we can’t start the weekend, especially a wedding weekend, without a proper cocktail. I think I might have a problem. I adore bourbon. Not in the twelve step kind of way, but more of a it-goes-perfectly-in-anything kind of way. Did you see this bourbon honey ice cream I made last week? Like whoa. Even though it does make food an 11/10 situation, sipping bourbon is quite possibly my new thing.

In this bourbon spritz, I added a lime simple syrup with a splash of club soda and a few lime wedges. It’s kind of like a Cuban version of mint julep. So, if you are looking for a fun cocktail, gather up your gaggle and serve these sprtizers.

Cheers to the happy couple and the weekend!

Elevate your drinking experience with the invigorating Boulder Street Bourbon Spritz, where the richness of bourbon meets the citrusy burst of fresh limes, creating a delightful symphony of taste and refreshment. Cheers!