“Welcome to Foodie Fridays! Dive into a spicy delight with our Cajun Corn Poblano Queso, perfectly paired with Naan Chips. A fusion of flavors that transforms your snacking experience into a culinary adventure.”

cajun corn poblano queso with naan chips www.climbinggriermountain.com

One can never have to much cheese in their life.

During the holidays I become a cheese seeker/hoarder. I don’t know what it is about the holidays, but my taste buds constantly sound the cheese alarm and I’m off like a cheap prom dress in search of all things cheese.


Maybe it’s the cheese platters with the perfect little squares of sharp cheddar and the warm, creamy brie.  And people up their cheese game during the holidays.  Oh sure, I’ll take the $22 Maytag blue cheese, thank you, sir.

Confession: I love to “cut the cheese”…Wait. That’s not right. I love to “shoot the cheese”? Still not right. Whatevs. I love to talk to the cheese people at Whole Foods because they are so nice. Okay, them and the fish mongers. Have you ever talked the “cheese people?” Seriously, they know their cheese, yo.

cajun corn poblano queso with naan chips

But besides slices of cheese, I can never say no to a good queso dip during the holidays. Yes, and the classic cheese ball, but this queso will make your traditional Velveeta-Rotel mixture blush. The ingredients in this queso are super sexy: andouille sausage, poblano chile, jalapeno, corn, and good ‘ol fashioned pepper jack cheese.

If this queso doesn’t spice up your holiday, call me, and I’ll send over a couple of prom dresses.

cajun corn poblano queso with naan chips www.climbinggriermountain.com

“Thank you for joining Foodie Fridays! Conclude the week with the unforgettable taste of Cajun Corn Poblano Queso with Naan Chips. A snack that embodies bold flavors and culinary creativity.”