Welcome to Foodie Fridays! Dive into fall bliss with our Cheesy Pumpkin Quesadilla featuring fresh sage and chicken sausage. A savory treat for your weekend culinary adventure.

cheesy pumpkin quesadilla with fresh sage & chicken sausage

I’m starting to think pumpkin has magical powers.

I mean, it’s obvi in Cinderella. Fairy godmother > pumpkin > carriage < after midnight. You know it took me almost thirty years to realize the moral of this fairy tale story. Nothing good happens after midnight. I wish my 22 year-old self back in the ol’ clubbing days would have had the “oh, yeah” moment. Instead, I stayed out late with ugly step sisters and the cable version of Prince Charming. There was nothing magical whatsoever.

herbs and cheese

Besides fairy tales and Disney movies, pumpkin has a magical way of getting you into the kitchen to bake even if you have a black yeast thumb. Last Sunday, I was working in the office and in the middle of typing out an email, I stopped, walked away from my desk and into the kitchen. It was rather robotic of me. The next thing I knew, I was preheating the oven and opening a can of pumpkin puree. Fifteen minutes later, my house was filled with pumpkin muffin perfume.

cheesy pumpkin quesadilla with fresh sage & chicken sausage

However, even though pumpkin can make us do crazy things, like drink pumpkin spice lattes in July. I honestly think pumpkin gets it’s magical powers because it can be added to A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Have you ever heard someone say, “Hold the pumpkin? Or, please 86′ the pumpkin. Or, give a distasteful look and point, “Is there pumpkin in there?” Uh….no.

So, my theory is not just a theory anymore because I threw pumpkin into these here ‘dilla’s. Holy fart on an ant. Why Taco Bell hasn’t thought of this concoction is beyond me. Golden tortilla filled with pumpkin pure, melted cheese, chicken sausage, and fresh herbs.

If this pumpkin quesadilla doesn’t scream magical powers, you can drag me to the border, and I’ll take the carriage across.

cheesy pumpkin quesadilla with fresh sage & chicken sausage www.climbinggriermountain.com

In conclusion, our Foodie Fridays journey with the Cheesy Pumpkin Quesadilla, fresh sage, and chicken sausage brings a delightful close to a week of delectable culinary exploration. Enjoy the savory flavors!