Delight in the bold flavors of our Chorizo and Tater Tot Stuffed Poblanos, generously drizzled with chipotle cream. A savory and indulgent twist on stuffed peppers promises a culinary experience like no other.

chorizo and tater tot stuffed poblanos with chipotle cream

Some may say I have a problem.

I reward myself…with food. Not all the time, but easily 86% of the time.

I think most folks do. It’s only natural. The question is, what is your go-to reward food? Ice cream? Cookies? Red wine? There is no wrong or right answer. Well, unless you curl up with a big bowl of salad at the end of the workweek and say, “I’ve been waiting all week for this salad.” Then I may have to cut you loose. Kidding! Maybe.

chorizo and tater tot stuffed poblanos with chipotle cream

My go-to reward food is always some form of savory concoction. Oh, how I wish I could join the sweet-treat circle of love. I would love to frolic down to the local ice cream parlor and get a suicide cup filled with assorted flavors. But let me ask you, why isn’t there a nacho parlor? Or a tater tot dispensary? It’s not too much ask.

So, until that day happens, I will have to take matters into my own mitts. Keeping with the spicy, Cinco de Mayo flavors I’ve got going on this week, I thought stuffing poblano peppers with tater tots and chorizo was the best reward to the end of the week. Am I right? Pour myself a margarita and my weekend just became an 11/10 situation.


Conclude your meal with the delectable satisfaction of Chorizo and Tater Tot Stuffed Poblanos, featuring chipotle cream. Elevate your dining experience with this flavorful and satisfying fusion—a perfect blend of spice and comfort.