Dirt Cup Cocktail with Vodka Infused Gummy Worms

The word “dirt” is not glamorous.

Although, my two year-old niece, Josie, might disagree with us. She finds dirt to be of marshmallow frosting status. Fun to lick, wear, and dig into. I can’t blame her. I think we would all be smart to follow in her curiosity and imaginative ways. When is the last time you played with dirt? Or carried around marshmallow frosting in a bucket with a shovel?

Even though 93% of us don’t play with dirt on a daily basis, there is an odd dessert that we rally behind this time of year, the Dirt Cup. You know the usual suspects that make up this whisky tengo dessert – Oreo, gummy worms, Cool Whip, and instant chocolate pudding. My personal favorite being the gummy worms.

Dirt Cup Cocktail with Vodka Infused Gummy Worms

I LOVED the dirt cup as a kid. I was a very visual child so for the longest time I really thought it was actually dirt in a cup. Wait. Don’t tell anyone I said that. As much as I love this dessert, I got to thinking, why not turn this famous treat into a cocktail? Yahtzee!

Dirt Cup Cocktail with Vodka Infused Gummy Worms

Basically, it’s the same structure as a White Russian, but the key is vodka soaked gummy worms. I mean, if I was a worm and had to crawl through dirt and crude, I would want a bit of the giggle juice to keep me moving along. Am I right?

So, throw a couple a these comprised worms into a glass filled jar with an Oreo rim. Pour more vodka (if you desire), Kahlua, and half-and-half. What you have is a drinkable dirt cocktail. Sans the dirt, of course.

Dirt Cup Cocktail with Vodka Infused Gummy Worms

Dirt Cup Cocktail with Vodka Infused Gummy Worms


1 cup crushed Oreo's
1 lemon wedge
2 cups gummy worms
2 1/4 cups vodka
1/2 cup kahula
1 pint Half-n-Half


Put gummy worms into a plastic container. Pour 2 cups of vodka over the gummy worms, seal it with a lid, and let the worms soak overnight.

The next day, pour the crushed Oreo's onto a plate. Take glass and rub the rim all the way around with a lemon wedge. Flip the cup over and place the rim of the glass into the crushed Oreo's covering the rim. Next, fill the glass with ice. Add four or five vodka soaked gummy worms, 1 tablespoon of vodka, 2 tablespoons of Kahula, and fill the rest of the glass full of half-n-half. Repeat process with remaining three glasses.

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