“Welcome to Foodie Fridays! Elevate your weekend with our Ginger Muffins, adorned with a decadent dark chocolate glaze. This flavorful fusion promises a delightful combination of warmth and sweetness, making your Friday indulgence truly special.”

gingerbread muffins with dark chocolate glaze www.climbinggriermountain.com

Currently, Mr. B is Moscow.

Moscow, Russia that is.

Wait. Is there any other Moscow named cities on this planet? Maybe at one point there was. Maybe the KGB got to them before the town hall voted in favor?  I dunno.

What I do know, I’ve never been Russia. When I think of Russia, I imagine all the ladies are named Natasha and the men, Borris. They wear giant, obnoxiously large fur hats and drink vodka as if it’s water. In case you are wandering, two of those statements are factual according to Mr. B.

He also says the Russians have different vibe. He said the people are nice, but not warming like Midwestern farmers. They love music and have a pretty decent foodie palate. And no, he has not ordered a Moscow Mule yet. That’s like going to Ireland and ordering an Irish car bomb. You don’t mess with Russian juju.

gingerbread muffins with dark chocolate glaze www.climbinggriermountain.com

So, while Mr. B braves the Siberian cold and learns to speak Russian ( “Nahz-drove-iya” means “To your health!”), I thought I would brave the baking world and whip up a batch of gingerbread muffins with dark chocolate glaze. Autumn to me screams ginger and chocolate.

Okay, and pumpkin. Jeeeez….tough crowd.

Ginger definitely has a commanding presence. But if you are little hesitant about making friends with a “ginger”, I highly suggest you try this dialed back muffin version. The ginger in these muffins don’t dominate, but still provide warmth to warm your tummy and toes.

The best thing about these muffins, besides the chocolate glaze, they are KGB approved.

gingerbread muffins with dark chocolate glaze www.climbinggriermountain.com

“Conclude Foodie Fridays with the divine sweetness of Ginger Muffins and a rich dark chocolate glaze. It’s a flavorful journey that leaves your taste buds delighted, ensuring a memorable start to your weekend indulgence.”