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Growing up, I rebelled against my parents, but not in the crazy Amanda Brynes sort of way (I count my lucky stars that the “Twitters” and Facebook weren’t around when I was a teenager). Looking back, I felt my rebellious actions were pretty normal. My parents told me not to stay out past my curfew, I did. My parents told me not to take the car out for a spin because I only had my learners permit, I did. My parents told me not to have parties at our house while they were away for the weekend, I totally did.

grilled veggie caponata with parmesan shavings

But there’s one rebellious action neither of brothers and I took part in: tattoos or piercings. Yep. Actually, we joke about it now. My parents raised three kids with zero tattoos or any form of piercings. Friends, I don’t even have my ears pierced! GASP! I find it strange that between the three of us no one got a tattoo on their back of a mythological creature or pierced their nose. Riddle me that batman.

Maybe it’s because they never told us not to get tattoos or piercings? Or maybe we were afraid of needles? I do remember a time when I was five years old and my MOTHER tried to pierce my ears with a needle. Friends, if you have little girls take them to Claire’s to get their earlobes pierced. Your child will forever thank you.

Well, it’s a good thing needles aren’t required to make today’s recipe. Yeah, did you like that transition?


Totally understand.

grilled veggie caponata with parmesan shavings

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am sharing another recipe that is perfect for those summer picnics. Have you ever heard of caponata? Neither did I until a few weeks ago. It’s basically a cooked vegetable salad made with eggplant and seasoned with vinegar and capers. Now, it’s sounds a like funk town, but I assure you once it’s cooked down and mixed with the avocado and Parmesan shavings, you will make the…..mmmmmmmhmmmmmm sound.

This is one of those salads that the longer it sits, the better it tastes. So, go ahead and whip this bad boy up, and come stand with me in front of Claire’s. I need a friendly push to get me inside.

grilled veggie caponata with parmesan shavings

“Conclude your week with flair—Foodie Fridays presents Grilled Veggie Caponata with Parmesan Shavings. A flavorful Friday feast that leaves you craving the next culinary adventure.”