“Elevate your salad experience with our culinary delight—Lemon Herbed Potato Salad with Crispy Bacon. A zesty and flavorful twist that reinvents the classic potato salad for a delightful dining adventure.”

Two things.

One, our garden survived while we were away on vacay. Phew. Actually, I really had nothing to do with the continued success of Grier Groceries. All the praise goes to my adorable green thumb husband because only an engineer would think of setting up an automatic water irrigation system.

lemon herbed potato salad with crispy bacon

Did you just ask yourself, “They have water irrigation systems for household gardens?” It’s okay. I did too. Clearly, if I trolled “The Home Depots” more often I would know these things and spare some teenage soul from having to water our plants twice a day while we are away.

Two, it’s HOTTTTTT in Denver. Yep, yep. It was hot in Austin. It was EFFING hot in Charleston. It was manageably hot in Wichita, KS. But hot in Denver = I will shank someone. You would think living 5280 feet up would equal cooler temperatures. Lies. All lies. Even with little to no humidity, I feel like an ant being fried under a magnifying glass. To make it even more melty-fun-hot, both of our car air conditioners conked out this week.

lemon herbed potato salad with crispy bacon

Well, there is only one thing to do when the weather is hot and you have plenty of herbs; take a picnic to the mountains! Over the next few posts, I am going to be sharing some fun picnic recipes that are easy to make and full of flavor. Picnics are the perfect excuse to escape the confinements of the kitchen, sip some red wine, and converse with your friends on a comfy blanket.

I made this lemon herbed potato salad a couple of weeks ago while the hubs was out of the country. I would have given anything to sit on a blanket under a beautiful oak tree and eat this potato salad by the bucket. Sadly, we had to settle for the FaceTime picnic. This potato salad is little different from your standard tater salad. The base is a lemon ailoi and to kick it up a notch, I added tarragon. Citrusy, with an anise bite, along with crispy bacon, it’s a match made in heaven.

lemon herbed potato salad with crispy bacon

“Conclude your culinary journey with the delectable Lemon Herbed Potato Salad, featuring crispy bacon. A savory symphony that leaves you savoring every bite.”