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We celebrated Christmas.

Toasted to the New Year.

Sigh. This time of year always feels flat.  Like someone came in with a Dyson Excalibur vacuum and sucked out all the joy, laughter, and sugar cookie crumbles. Now all that’s left is cold temperatures, a few remaining pine needles on the living room floor, and an unopened fruitcake.

But! It’s 2014 folks, which means we are shaking things up and throwing caution to the wind. I say we keep the celebration train chugging right along. After all, it is a brand, spanking new year full of endless possibilities and shenanigans.

And, growing up, we always had one more celebration:  my dad’s birthday on January 3rd!  So I thought making a dessert in honor of my dad’s birthday (which is today!) would be the perfect opportunity to say hell-no to salad-o for one more day. My dad is a huge lemon lover so I thought these little lemon pound cakes with honey-bourbon whipped cream would be right up his alley.

Like lemon cake, my dad has always been a bright spot in the Januarys of my life.  He is warm and solid and loving and can always be counted on.

You can count on these little lemon cakes to brighten your day.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad!! xoxo

“Conclude your dining experience with the heavenly notes of Mini Lemon Pound Cake Sundaes, featuring the richness of honey-bourbon whipped cream. Elevate your dessert affair with this irresistible and luscious treat.”